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Why You Can't Stream TaleSpin's 'Last Horizons' Episode On Disney+

When it came to animation in the '90s, Disney reigned supreme. Of course, the House of Mouse produced a string of legendary films like the "Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast" during this time, but the company also had a firm grip on the small screen. Through ABC and syndication, Disney aired a memorable program block of original cartoon shows. Known as "The Disney Afternoon," this group of cartoons featured a few shows that served as modern remixes of some classic characters. Baloo and his "Jungle Book" cohorts, for instance, got reimagined as pilots and business owners for the hit series "TaleSpin."

The premise of "TaleSpin" was daring, as it starred Baloo as a cargo pilot and King Louie as an island nightclub owner. But it worked, and ultimately helped cement Disney's cartoon block as contenders against "Tiny Toon Adventures" or "Batman: The Animated Series." Like many other shows of its era, "TaleSpin" can be streamed on Disney+. However, before fans get ready to experience their childhood again, they should keep in mind that their nostalgic binge will be short by at least an episode or two. You certainly won't be able to stream the episode "Last Horizons" on Disney+. Let's take a skydive into why that's the case.

'Last Horizons' is one of TaleSpin's banned episodes

You'd think a cartoon about a talking bear flying planes couldn't stir any controversy, especially for Disney. Seriously, the bear pilot in question is the charming Baloo, who once joyously sang about the bare necessities in life. But the 1990 "TaleSpin" episode "Last Horizons" caused some controversy and was taken out of rotation as a result. In the episode, Baloo finds a far-off mystical place called "Panda-La," but instead of paradise, he finds himself involved in a plot to attack Cape Suzette. 

On the surface, the episode sounds like a typical cartoon plot for "TaleSpin." However, the episode was pulled from the air due to its insensitive racial portrayal of East Asians and its references to the Pearl Harbor attack. As fans noted on Reddit, it remains missing from the presentation of "TaleSpin" on Disney+.

"Last Horizons" isn't the only "TaleSpin" episode missing. "Flying Dupes," the last episode of the entire series, isn't there either. Much like "Last Horizons," the episode has some controversy surrounding it, which may explain why it's gone. In "Flying Dupes," Baloo is tasked with delivering a package to a Thermbian leader, but unbeknownst to him, the item is actually a bomb. As speculated on Disney Wiki, Disney seems to have decided the episode had too much of a terrorist theme and removed it from syndication, airing it only once after its initial broadcast.

This Darkwing Duck episode may be too dangerous for Disney+

Among the lineup of "Disney Afternoon" cartoons, "Darkwing Duck" could be considered one of its beaked titans. The series ran from 1991 to 1992 and centers on suburbanite Drake Mallard, who becomes the hero Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps in the night. "Darkwing Duck" humorously parodied many of the comic book escapades of pulp heroes like Batman and The Shadow. The hero even had his own unique rouges gallery of villains. "Darkwing Duck" also recently saw a comeback in the rebooted "DuckTales." Darkwing's own revival was announced in 2020 (via Variety), though we're still waiting for more official news.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the hero's past adventures again, as the original series is currently streaming on Disney+. However, like "TaleSpin," not every single episode is present. The 1992 episode "Hot Spells" is missing, and it might be because of some of its content. In the episode, Gosalyn is tricked into using a shortcut for magic, which causes Darkwing's soul to go to Beelzebub. It's believed among fans that the religious content of the episode caused it to eventually become pulled from broadcast (via Darkwing Duck Wiki). And not only is it missing from streaming on Disney+, but the episode is also not available on other services like Google Play and iTunes.