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Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Finally Got The Jet Moment They've Been Waiting For

"Criminal Minds: Evolution" has put the beloved Behavioral Analysis Unit of FBI profilers back on TV screens, and the new series is making fans feel like they never really left — almost. While the show inherits most of the staples from the original "Criminal Minds," including its continuity, most of its cast members, its storylines, and so on, there's quite a few things that have been changed in the revival. For one thing, longtime main character Spencer Reid is absent, as is Matt Simmons. The show also trades in the original's case-of-the-week format for one extended case storyline. However, for many diehard "Criminal Minds" fans, one of the most glaring omissions in the new series is the team's lack of a private jet.

The BAU's jet adventures proved to be one of the most iconic hallmarks from the original "Criminal Minds." Throughout the show's run, characters would often take a private jet to quickly get to the scene of a case, and the setting quickly became a staple backdrop for interactions between the central team. For much of the inaugural season of "Criminal Minds: Evolution," however, fans were disappointed to find that the team wasn't taking any flights. That is, until now, as the latest episode of the series finally gave fans the triumphant return of the private jet.

Fans are loving the return of the BAU's private jet

The premiere of Episode 6 of "Criminal Minds: Evolution" offered fans yet another dose of thrilling action along with a long-anticipated moment. Following a dangerous run-in with Zach Gilford's murderous character Sicarius, the BAU team finally reunites for a debrief — on a good old private jet, no less.

The return of the BAU's private jet was a welcome moment for fans, and many took to social media to voice their happiness. "The BAU getting their private jet back and here I am screaming with excitement," @pinkawiz_art tweeted. Other fans were even more excited to hear Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss utter her classic "wheels up" catchphrase. "WHEELS UP BABYYY," Reddit user u/Head-Swim0839 commented.

The BAU's jet scenes returning may be a welcome surprise for longtime fans, but those who have been following along with press interviews may have been expecting it. In an earlier interview between TV Insider and "Criminal Minds: Evolution" showrunner Erica Messer, the executive had confirmed that the plane scenes would eventually return. "We will get it back, but it's gonna take a minute because the BAU's purse strings have been tightened," Messer said. "So it's gonna take a real big thing to happen for us to get it back, but we will get it back this year." Thankfully, the jet came back sooner rather than later, and fans got a nice dose of "Criminal Minds" nostalgia along with it.