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The Most Powerful Creatures From Supernatural Explained

Saving people and hunting things might be the family business in "Supernatural," but as it turns out, "things" is a pretty broad description. Whether the Winchesters are stopping yet another apocalypse or working on a plot to toss Lucifer back in the supernatural slammer, there's a whole lot of planning that goes into every job, and working as a hunter means taking the time to learn as much as possible about every creature there is.

While John Winchester's journal is fairly thorough and the Winchesters encounter plenty of salt-and-burn gigs, not everything is that easy. And in a world of petty gods and warring factions where humanity is often caught in the crossfire, Sam and Dean are the thin black line holding back the apocalypse. The good news is that, even in the supernatural world, everything has vulnerabilities. It's time to grab your angel blade, because we're breaking down the most powerful creatures in the "Supernatural" universe.

The omnipotent beings

The most powerful creatures in the Supernatural universe are the primordial beings known as God (aka Chuck) and his twin sister Amara, who together comprise the balance of all existence through their light and dark dichotomy. According to Amara, they were formerly one being, and the once-unified twins' original split created the Big Bang. Chuck has the power to create all realms, including unknown worlds prior to the creation of the current one, Heaven and Hell, Purgatory, the prime universe, and at least a few alternate ones.

Conversely, his sister has the power to destroy everything that he creates, leading to an eons-old cycle of creation and destruction. God's arrogance drives him to create everything in the universe right down to the human soul, while Amara's nature as his opposite compels her to continuously destroy his creations. In a cosmic battle, Amara would win, technically making Darkness the most powerful force in the universe, but God's ability to rally his creations gives him an edge that levels the playing field.

While there are limits even to their omnipotence — God and the Darkness hold no real power in the Empty, the void realm ruled by the Shadow — these beings have nearly limitless powers. As the Creator of All Things, Chuck can give, take, or augment powers in others. He has the ability to seal and unseal beings into powerful prisons and other realms. He can heal, cure, and even resurrect others, as well as warp realities, teleport, and travel through time. Smiting is a favorite pastime for the omnipotent. They're also omniscient, telepathic, precognitive, and immortal.

The Shadow

Long before God created the universe responsible for giving us the Winchesters, the only thing in existence was nothingness, a matterless void known as the Empty ruled by an entity called the Shadow. When Castiel encounters this entity in "The Big Empty," the Shadow tells the angel that the Empty existed long before the cycle of creation and destruction began, and it is this realm where both demonic and angelic forces eventually come to sleep eternally after death. The Shadow seems to be intertwined with the void itself, as when any creature inside of this realm is awakened, the Shadow experiences suffering.

Like many powerful beings, the Shadow has the ability to assume any form of its choosing, as seen when it appears to Castiel as Castiel. It claims that its original form would be too terrifying to behold, breaking the brains of both demons and angels alike. Although the Shadow initially introduces itself as a "friendly neighborhood cosmic entity," time reveals the entity to be a volatile, sadistic, and psychopathic life force that objectifies angelic and demonic essences, viewing them as its property.

The Shadow is completely omnipotent within its own realm and has many powers that extend outside of the Empty. It has the power to warp reality, create portals, possess and resurrect others, even sending Castiel to Earth after bringing him back. It has the ability to manipulate matter and is almost completely omniscient. An immortal being, the Shadow cannot be vanquished through any known means and can only be weakened temporarily before it eventually regenerates through a "metaphysical supernova" created by Jack's detonation.

The Arch-Nephilim

As the only known child of an archangel and human, Jack Kline is in a "Supernatural" power category all his own. Jack was brought into being when the archangel Lucifer manipulated the sweet-spirited presidential mistress Kelly Kline into carrying his supernatural love child. Nephilim (creatures that are half angel and half human) are already counted among the most powerful beings in the universe — so powerful that they represent an existential threat to many supernatural beings — but the fact that Jack's dad is an archangel makes him even more powerful.

Fortunately for the entire known universe, the influence of Jack's mother and adoptive family (which includes the Winchesters, Castiel, and Gabriel) help him grow into a genuinely kind-hearted entity, despite early fears that he would take after his dad's side of the family. Jack's powerset expands exponentially when he absorbs the power of the omnipotent beings God and Amara in "Inherit the Earth," effectively elevating him to God status. But even before this transition, Jack's abilities were astonishing even to himself. He has the power to resurrect the dead even before he is born.

The vast list of pre-God Jack powers includes astral projection, the ability to convert human souls into angelic ones, portal creation, electrokinesis, biokinesis, pyrokinesis, omniscience, reality warping, localization, and teleportation, just to name a few. He is also immortal like his famous, troublemaker dad, and practically invulnerable to boot. And that's before all of the professional development work he puts in. From his Winchester upbringing, he also becomes a fierce hunter, while foster dad Castiel educates him in the art of Enochian magic.


The oldest of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death dates back to nearly the dawn of our reality and is far more powerful than his Horsemen colleagues. He once told Dean that no one can remember whether he or God is older. As an immeasurably ancient being responsible for ensuring the cycle of life ends, Death sees human life as a tiny, insignificant blip in the great span of time. Like many of the entities who cross paths with the Winchesters, Death cosplays as a human to make things easier on everyone, with his true form being a winged one.

Between his age and his role in the universe, Death is one of the most powerful beings in existence. As he once remarked to Dean, "I'm more powerful than you can process." While the other three Horsemen use the Rings of the Horsemen to channel their powers and losing their rings is deadly to them, Death can easily pass off his ring to Dean as part of a teachable moment without suffering any serious consequences. The four rings can be combined with Enochian magic to open Lucifer's cage, but Death can access it without them.

He is nearly completely omniscient and omnipotent and has complete power over life and death, which also means the ability to resurrect the dead. He also has the ability to warp realities, perceive supernatural entities, manipulate the weather, and suppress memories, as he does with Sam after his return from Hell. Despite his immense power, Death does have a few key vulnerabilities: He can be bound, held in his coffin, and killed with his own scythe.


In the "Supernatural" world, interspecies relationships tend to spawn more powerful children when one of the beings in question has supernatural abilities. The product of a pairing between a human and a meatsuit-occupying angel, Nephilim are incredibly powerful beings with a fairly poor track record when it comes to using those powers for the greater good. As Ishim explains in "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets," their immense power derives from the alchemy that a human soul and angelic grace creates. As Redditor u/Beebo4all observed, the human soul is "like a giant power battery to grace," which means Nephilim essentially have supercharged angelic grace.

Like their Cambion counterparts, Nephilim can be stronger depending on the supernatural ranking and strength of their parents. Likewise, they are also vulnerable to angel blades or, in the case of Jack, an archangel blade. Because they are angels with a little extra kick, Nephilim possess super strength that allows them to easily overpower other angels. Some of their many abilities include telekinesis, some degree of regeneration, the ability to grow up quickly, the ability to perceive angels, immunity to angel warding, healing, telepathy, and teleportation.


Much like Nephilim, Cambions are the result of procreation between a human and a demon in human form. According to Castiel, what is known to Christian mythology as the Antichrist is really just another example of bad Biblical intel. In reality, the term "Antichrist" or "katako" refers to these human-demon hybrids. When Castiel and the Winchesters discover a Cambion child named Jesse Turner with the power to warp reality based on his childish perceptions, Castiel sees him as a serious threat, telling the wayward brothers that one day "with a word, this child will destroy the Host of Heaven." But much like their Nephilim opposites, Cambions are subject to nature versus nurture, and their powerful lineage doesn't necessarily determine their destiny or tendency to be good or evil. It is implied that non-traditional methods are used to create Cambions, as Jesse Turner's mother insists she was a virgin at the time of his birth.

Like Nephilim, Cambions are more powerful than their parents, likely owing to their human souls, and they possess a comparable power level to their angelic counterparts that is contingent upon the demonic power level of their parent. Besides reality warping and the alleged power to vanquish the heavenly host in a single breath, Cambions are functionally immortal and possess super strength and senses. Their many powers include supernatural perception, telekinesis, electromagnetic interference, biokinesis, smiting, teleportation, and power over hellfire, just to name a few. Their vulnerabilities include injury by demon blade, sensitivity to holy water and magic, and waning power when Lucifer is not on Earth.


As anyone who has ever tried to draw a Biblically-accurate angel knows, the heavenly support staff mentioned in the Good Book are hardly the adorable winged creatures Hallmark would have you believe they are. As depicted in "Supernatural," there is actually a hierarchy of heavenly beings, and each subspecies has its own power level. The highest-ranking among the angelic host is the archangel.

According to "Supernatural" lore, archangels are the oldest form of angel and one of God's earliest creations, dating back to the primordial era before the Big Bang. The first of the archangels to be created was Michael, followed by his brothers Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel. Archangels are considered top dogs among the angelic host and, as such, are used to getting whatever they want. Working together with God, all four archangels possess the ability to weaken Amara, making them the only living creatures in existence with this ability.

They have the rare ability to repossess the same human host without asking permission and can travel through time, with Gabriel even creating a time loop at one point to mess with the Winchesters. Lucifer has the power to transform human souls into demons, exorcize demons, and instantly kill victims of various species with the snap of a finger. They can give and remove powers from others and manipulate reality, matter, and living creatures. Although their abilities are practically limitless, their vulnerability to angel blades, holy fire, and certain types of magic knocks them below Nephilim and Cambions in terms of ultimate power.


Coming in above regular angels in terms of strength but below archangels are seraphim. Although it is implied that there are many seraphim, the two that are known in "Supernatural" are Castiel and Akobel. Becoming one seems to be more of a promotion in rank, rather than seraphim being originally created as such. This is demonstrated when Castiel earns his seraph wings in "Swan Song" after his resurrection, with the angel later confirming his seraphic title in "Blood Brother." Across the board, seraphim are more powerful than their typical angelic brethren. While angels have the power to smite demons, it can be difficult and taxing, whereas seraphim can easily smite many through their manipulation of white light and their ability to absorb souls.

Although Castiel's abilities eventually become dampened in the wake of an injury that leaves his wings permanently injured, a full-power seraph's abilities are extensive. Included among the vast list of abilities is the power to traverse time, the ability to teleport others, temporary mind control, the power to force demons in and out of vessels, the ability to speak with animals, memory manipulation, reality warping, resurrection, and healing. Despite their near-immortality, they are not invulnerable and are especially susceptible to leviathan attacks, sigils, angel blades, and other primordial entities, including Death.


Although Lilith is a demon, her unique powers and abilities make her extraordinary among her race as the first demon ever created by Lucifer. As such, she ranks highest among all of Hell's demons, coming in above Crowley, Alistair, Cain, the Knights of Hell and the Princes of Hell. Her death also serves as the 66th Seal to Lucifer's cage in Hell. Just as God has the power to transform angels into seraphs, Lucifer has the ability to transform human souls into demons, and Lilith was his Patient Zero. It was for this act that God would condemn him to the cage, an act he committed as part of his plan to prove humans were hardly worthy of God's preferential treatment.

The most powerful of all demons, Lilith has extensive responsibilities. She is ultimately in charge of all crossroads contracts, with Crowley reporting directly to her. While other demons make something of a racket possessing human bodies, Lilith can hop in and out of meat suits smoothly. She is invulnerable to most demon-killing methods and is noted for her photokinetic abilities, apparently rare among demons. Unlike many demons, Lilith can walk on hallowed ground and is invulnerable to holy water. A skilled spellcaster, she speaks fluent Enochian. The fact that Lilith enjoys torturing victims for fun may not make her more powerful, but it certainly adds to the whole terrifying package.


Underneath archangels and seraphim in the angelic hierarchy are the Grigori. Referred to as the "watcher angels" in Dean's research, these are the guardian angels of lore who've been tasked with watching over humanity. Grigori are relatively young in angel years, having been given their charge a mere few thousand years ago. Unlike some of the higher-tier angels, there were once hundreds of Grigori. Originally, each Grigori was given an angel sword with his or her name engraved across the blade and sent down to earth, making them some of the first angels to live in the earthly realm. When their life on Earth corrupted them, the other angels were forced to eliminate them, but some survived and continued to wander the Earth feeding on human souls. When Jack eventually eats the hearts of the remaining Grigori in order to super power himself, the species is driven to extinction.

Despite being lower among the elite angel rankings, the Grigori are nonetheless fairly powerful beings. One of their more unsettling abilities is the power to feed on human souls, warping their victims' perceptions of reality into a vision of that person's ideal heaven in the process. They were able to get away with this for so long because they are excellent at supernatural concealment, which gives them a distinct advantage when combined with their supernatural perception. Their powers also include teleportation, healing, the ability to summon their swords, biokinesis, and immortality. However, they are susceptible to angel blades as well as their own swords. They are also vulnerable to Dean under the Mark of Cain and a very hungry Jack.

Deities and pagan gods

Along with all of the JudeoChristian gods and monsters, Sammy and Dean come up against a lot of other deities during their hunting adventures. If it's hard to understand how these all fit together, Roman goddess Fortuna is more than happy to break it down in "The Gamblers," explaining that when early humans began praying to nature, God was originally irate until he realized that he could use pagan gods as a scapegoat for everything humanity didn't like about creation. To keep the scam going, God created all of the gods humanity could dream up, imbuing them with supernatural abilities.

As Fortuna put it, God is "happy to hide behind whatever religion has the best syndication deal while we survive on scraps in the wilderness." The Winchester boys encounter gods from many traditions as the years go by, from Yoruba and Teutonic to Haitian Voodoo and Romani. Each of the gods belongs to his or her own pantheon, and their abilities can differ according to the mythos. Some of the more common powers include magic, super speed and strength, immortality, reality warping, and invulnerability. The gods' powers can look fairly similar to the abilities of higher-rung angels, which is why Gabriel was able to pass as a trickster for so long. Many of these ancient gods still enjoy a good, old-fashioned human sacrifice and are more than happy to reward their subjects for the trouble.

The other Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Death is only one of four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — his three mates are War, Pestilence, and Famine. Like all good fraternities, each member of the foursome possesses a special ring that allows them to project into a physical form and channels their apocalyptic powers. While the angels and demons tend to be at odds with each other, the Four Horsemen see themselves more as a force of nature, and their primary focus seems to be the entropy of the human race. With their rings on, they are easily among the most powerful beings in the "Supernatural" universe.

Each Horseman has his own set of abilities. Famine possesses telepathy and the ability to read souls, powers he uses to sense hunger and bring about a victim's ultimate demise. War also has the ability to get into victims' heads, intensifying feelings and inciting them to engage in violence. Finally, Pestilence has the ability to inflict and manipulate plague, leading to near-instant death. Unlike Death, all three of his brothers leave a trail of destruction in their wake, and when the four come together, their powers intensify dramatically. All four horsemen also have the power of instant teleportation, telekinesis, immortality, invisibility, and the ability to present themselves as human without having to possess anyone.

The Knights of Hell

Early creations of Lucifer, the Knights of Hell are an elite team of demons that, according to Henry Winchester, were "hand-picked by Lucifer himself" to be trained under Cain. As such, they hold an honored place among the demonic ranks. A sigil referencing the Knights in a pre-Enochian language suggests the order dates back many eons. Like other demons, the Knights of Hell were once human before their souls were twisted and their humanity removed, transforming them into beings of pure evil. They report directly to the King of Hell but fall above regular and crossroads demons in terms of rank. Abaddon and Cain are both Knights of Hell, and Dean joined their ranks for a short time before he was cured.

Knights of Hell are essentially high-powered demons. Their long list of powers and abilities makes them a force to be reckoned with, but they have a fairly lengthy list of vulnerabilities to match. One unique trait of the Knights is the ability to possess two humans at once, although it's unclear how long they can keep it up for. They also have a distinct smiting capability that allows them to easily kill demons, angels, and humans alike. Besides the usual super strength, telekinesis, and immunity, Knights of Hell can also cause victims to bleed from their eyes and create ground tremors. Like other demons, they are vulnerable to devil's traps. Ruby's knife, holy water, and holy fire won't kill them, but these things can certainly slow them down.

The Princes of Hell

Made by Lucifer around the same time as the Knights of Hell, the Princes of Hell are also some of the first demons created after Lilith and are ranked directly below her in the Hell hierarchy, once serving as generals in the demonic ranks. Crowley calls them the "oldest of the old demons, the first generation after Lilith," adding: "Lucifer turned them himself before the oceans drank Atlantis." Just as God created the four archangels, Lucifer created four Princes: Ramiel, Asmodeus, Dagon, and Azazel. While three of them would eventually defect to live a boring, normal demon life on Earth, Azazel stayed the course, a decision that would lead to his Winchester-aided death.

Among the demons, the yellow-eyed Princes of Hell are some of the most powerful. Their strength far exceeds that of most supernatural beings, and they can cause serious bodily harm to humans with a mere hand gesture or look. Azazel has the ability to bring back the dead if it's part of a demon deal. They can creep into human dreams and control others with mind tricks — think Freddy Krueger if he was a Jedi. Asmodeus also learns to augment his powers by drinking stolen angelic grace, giving him the ability to shapeshift among other new abilities. They're also somewhat immune to normal demon-deflection tools, making them just a little bit harder to vanquish.


​​Like angels, demons have their own ranking systems, although the demonic ranking systems are much more complex than that of their heavenly counterparts. Unlike angels, all demons are created from existing human souls. As Bobby Singer puts it, they're basically "ghosts with an ego." While white-eyed and yellow-eyed demons are among the more powerful in the hierarchy, some of the lower-rung demons are nothing to sneeze at.

Generally recognizable by their black and red eyes, lower-tier demons are the worker bees of the demonic workforce, whether they're middle managers or low-level enforcers. Hell is also populated with an assortment of other demons, like disaster demons and the Acheri. Even the lower-powered demons possess supernatural perception, electromagnetic interference, and enhanced senses.

All demons can possess humans, although the terms of this possession can vary depending on the extent of their abilities. Many mid-level demons can also engage in spellcasting, have the power to manipulate fire, weather, and human biology, and maintain the ability to regenerate their hosts while possessing a body. Most run-of-the-mill demons are to varying degrees vulnerable to sigils, holy water, and holy fire.


Like the angels and demons, monsters have their own pecking order, and for many monsters, an Alpha is the highest-ranking among them. Many of the monsters Sam and Dean spend their days and nights hunting were once created by Eve, Mother of All, a primordial being who has existed since around the time of the Leviathans, although much about Eve's true nature remains unclear. The Alphas are the progenitors of their respective species and thus the strongest and most powerful among them.

As discussed in the "Supernatural" companion book "Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting," Eve's Alpha offspring include a vampire, a werewolf, a wraith, a shapeshifter, a skinwalker, a djinn, a ghoul, a wendigo, a Khan worm, and a borderwalker. Like demons and angels, an Alpha's power can vary depending on the unique abilities of their species. All Alphas are ancient beings, and most are fairly immune to the vulnerabilities that plague their offspring, making them incredibly difficult to kill. They are also said to be descendants of the Leviathans and have a connection to purgatory, since it's their mother's ancestral home.


Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they look like a Claymation nightmare, but Leviathans are among the more divisive creatures in the "Supernatural" world. The most ancient of the monsters, these primordial creatures were God's terrible first draft, made long before the creation of angels or humans. When they turned out to be destructive, he created Purgatory and tossed them inside. They would eventually escape when Castiel absorbed the souls from Purgatory, traveling to the United States where they tried to use corporate America as a human-to-mouth pipeline until the Winchesters put a stop to their plans.

Leviathans have the ability to possess humans, but the process they use to take human form is significantly more gruesome, as they shapeshift into anyone whose DNA they come into contact with and then snack on the original person. Their other physical capabilities are outstanding. They have super strength, stamina, agility, and speed, as well as powerful regenerative abilities. They're also quite intelligent, and although they're one of the weirder monsters in "Supernatural," they can be disarmingly charming in human form, as their billionaire businessman leader Dick Roman proves.


Prophets are humans that have been chosen by God or a high-ranking angel to receive the latest word from heaven and connect with the divine. Far from being an honor, the gig is incredibly dangerous and generally comes at great personal cost, as Kevin Tran is a testament to. The prophets of the "Supernatural" world tend to serve as a living version of Google translate, tapping into God's word by decoding his ancient texts or writing down whatever pops into their heads. The Biblical Luke is a perfect example of this, writing out the Gospel of Luke and other Biblical texts as they were placed into his mind. Two other known prophets in "Supernatural" include Donatello Redfield and Tony Alvarez.

Prophets have a limited set of powers and abilities as is relevant to their job, including the gift of precognition. They are fluent in Enochian and when they apply themselves they can become skilled at spellcasting, as Kevin Tran eventually does. Donatello also exhibits the ability to sense certain supernatural beings. Unfortunately, prophets are typically targeted by demons and angels alike, and their families and loved ones tend to get caught in the crossfire.


Like demons, there are many types of worker bee angels. One of the more meaningful roles is that of reapers, the angels tasked with ferrying human souls into the afterlife. For reapers, the Winchester boys are one of the biggest headaches that come with the job, since the brothers are constantly hacking the system and bailing each other out of the post-mortem phase. Reapers have an important job in the "Supernatural" universe since any spirits that get left behind and don't move on into their respective afterparties will eventually end up becoming vengeful ones, no matter how friendly they were in life. Although they are often presented as antagonists to the Winchesters, it's worth remembering that death is a part of the natural order of life and it's the Winchester boys who can't seem to get with the program.

Reapers have quite a few exceptional abilities that help them in their line of work, including entering an individual's dreams. They can prevent themselves from being seen except by those they need to see them, usually when it's time for a reaping. As creatures with power over life and death, they also have the ability to heal and resurrect, although they loathe to use these abilities since it tends to screw up their quota. Reapers can also employ telekinesis and teleportation when needed. They are vulnerable to most things angels are vulnerable to, including angel blades, demons, Death's scythe, binding spells, and sigils. They can also be caught with a special reaper trap, something Sam and Dean encounter in "Death Takes a Holiday."

Demon Sam

Unlike many of the angels, demons, and various monsters the Winchesters encounter, the boys themselves don't really have any natural powers, instead relying on their wits, training, and heritage as the descendants of hunters. However, at various times during their hunting adventures, they do end up taking on various powers and abilities that fundamentally alter their personalities.

One of the most powerful Winchester variants arose when Sam began drinking demon blood during Season 4. Sam picks up this bad habit with a little prodding from his demon-with-benefits Ruby. He's only able to get away with this because he was one of the so-called Special Children who were fed Azazel's blood as a baby.

Although it doesn't make him omnipotent or omniscient, drinking demon blood gives Sam super strength, the power of telekinesis, and the ability to exorcize demons with only a wave of his hand. Unfortunately, it also has some pretty unpleasant side effects. In the end, he's forced to go through a painful detox period under the oversight of Castiel and his brother.

Grand witches

Witches are some of the most unique beings in the "Supernatural" universe in that they become powerful of their own free will by choosing to practice magic and spellcasting. Witches can choose to practice magic for various reasons, whether they be selfish or altruistic, and come from a variety of faith traditions like Wicca and Voodoo. While many witches practice their craft at a fairly low level, powerful witches can stand toe-to-toe with the fiercest demons and most smiteful angels, and the longer they practice, the more powerful they can become. In the world of witches, the most formidable are the grand witches of the Grand Coven, a powerful order charged with policing their own kind.

A former member of the Grand Coven, Rowena exemplifies the level of skill achieved by high-power witches, with Sam observing that she may be the most powerful witch to ever live. She has lived for so long that she is effectively immortal, having refined her powers of regeneration and self-resurrection. She can transform people into animals and back again, possesses strong astral projection abilities that she often uses to spy on others, and even has the power of mind control. Thanks to her use of magic, there are very few powers that she cannot harness, even if she frequently needs a spellbook and cauldron to get the job done.


"Supernatural" is populated with a vast array of monsters and creatures, and while they tend to come in below demons and angels in terms of power, you wouldn't want to meet any of them in a dark alley. There are the monsters spawned by the Alphas like werewolves, vampires, and shifters, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. You also have Eve's elite monsters with their exceptional abilities, like the eternally combusting phoenixes, the gold-hoarding dragons, and the more recently created Jefferson Starships. And then there are the more obscure creatures like the rugarus, banshees, pishtacos, kitsunes, rawheads, soul eaters, vetalas, and satyrs.

Generally speaking, run-of-the-mill monsters tend to be easier to vanquish than Alpha monsters. What they all have in common is a taste for human flesh and supernaturally-enhanced physical attributes, including super strength, speed, stamina, and agility. The good news is that most of the standard monsters tend to have a weakness or two, and that information is usually contained in John Winchester's journal, where it can be easily accessed by the Winchester brothers.


One of the sneakier species in the "Supernatural" world is the hellhound. Referred to by Sam as "demonic pit bulls," these supernatural canines are tasked with helping crossroads demons take payment. Like reapers, they are generally only visible and audible to the folks they are coming to collect from, or to other supernatural beings. The sound they make tends to instill a bone-chilling fear in anyone who didn't take their crossroads deal seriously.

Another of God's discarded early creations, they were made in the primordial era and then wiped out when Chuck found them too aggressive, but Lucifer managed to smuggle a few out, saving them from the celestial kill shelter. Although hellhounds can be pretty frightening, they're really just demonic doggos doing their jobs, and it's not their fault the souls they come for never bothered to read the fine print.

Hellhounds are larger than their terrestrial counterparts, and they seem to be trainable, as Crowley enjoys keeping them as pets. Although they are invisible and possess quite a few supernatural qualities, they can easily be killed using a demon blade, angel blade, iron nail bomb, or even the Colt. Certain herbs and elements also prove effective at warding against them, including Devil's Shoestring, salt, and Goofer Dust.