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Twitter Is Losing Its Collective Mind Over Skinamarink

Every year, a new horror movie comes along that's billed as an all-time classic; a creepy caper that will give audiences the willies for generations to come. For example, 2022 saw the release of "Terrifier 2," an independent slasher that became an unlikely mainstream success story after it made fans physically sick at screenings. This year, though, "Skinamarink" is the hot new horror flick on the block that people are already hailing as a future classic.

As noted by The Independent, "Skinamarink" has been described as "the scariest film ever made" by some shaken viewers. That's high praise considering that we live in a world where films such as "The Exorcist," "The Shining," "Hereditary," and "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" exist. It remains to be seen if the frights in "Skinamarink" will stand the test of time, but there's no denying that the hype surrounding Kyle Edward Ball's debut feature is exciting and morbidly alluring.

If the aforementioned claim about "Skinamarink" being one of the scariest movies of all time isn't enough to sell you, then Twitter might convince you. Some social media users have seen the movie and shared their thoughts — and the general consensus is that it's pure nightmare fuel.

Skinamarink is freaking people out

"Skinamarink" is the type of horror movie that taps into the primal essence of fear, according to the TwitterVerse. "There is a single line in @kyleedwardball's magnificent SKINAMARINK that has haunted me for months. This total freakout's awareness and praise is well deserved, @samdzimmerman noted. This view was echoed by @scott_tobias, who wrote, "SKINAMARINK freaked me the hell out as few horror films have."

Twitter user @janeschoenbrun, meanwhile, warned that the movie will terrify even the most hardened and experienced horror fans. "I watched SKINAMARINK by @kyleedwardball last night with the lights out at midnight and I'm pretty sure it's the first movie to really scare me in... twenty years?? I was terrified!!" Elsewhere, @Varaetia thanked "literal jesus" that they didn't watch it alone. "I actually don't think I could've done it [laughter emoji]," they wrote. "That's a lot coming from me!"

Furthermore, some horror fans have praised "Skinamarink" for being original and breathing life into a genre that's associated with familiarity and death. "I hope Skinamarink gets the appreciation it deserves," @ryanm642 wrote. "I really, really loved it. It's by far the most unique haunted house movie I've ever seen."

According to @davidehlrich, his child was left "whimpering" after sneaking out of bed and catching the film's closing moments. The film critic also praised the indie effort for boasting some of the "best DIY 4DX imaginable."

Skinamarink is what a found footage movie should be

There are many horror fans out there who balk at the thought of yet another found footage movie. For some, the format has been overused by too many low-budget filmmakers who don't know how to make the most of it. When they're at their best, though, found footage movies thrust the viewer into the heart of darkness and provide them with an immersive experience.

According to some fans, "Skinamarink" is a prime example of found footage horror at its best — right up there with movies like "The Blair Witch Project," "Paranormal Activity," and "Cannibal Holocaust." At the same time, Kyle Edward Ball's feature is a beast unto itself that's comparable to nothing else. "This movie is the exact embodiment of what all found footage horror attempts to be," @Varaetia claimed. "Absolutely excellent."

Elsewhere, some viewers, such as @MurjaniRawls, gloated about the movie's use of found footage as a visceral horror experience. "'Skinamarink' is a found footage horror film that prides itself on patience and going back to a place where the unpredictability of darkness seemed so scary. Some will love, others might not."

What is Skinamarink all about?

"Skinamarink" is a horror movie that favors mood, atmosphere, and nightmarish qualities over a traditional narrative, and explaining the plot would spoil its ghoulish shocks and surprises. All you need to know is that it revolves around two children who wake up in the middle of the night to discover that their father is missing, and all of the windows and doors to their home have disappeared.

As documented by Rotten Tomatoes, reviewers have commented on the film's experimental qualities, which only add to its non-linear elements. In fact, most viewers will probably come out of "Skinamarink" scratching their heads and wondering what they just watched. At the same time, the movie taps into fears that most people have been able to relate to at some point in their lives — namely, being a child and feeling anxious about monsters and the thought of our guardians disappearing. "It's personal, sentimental, and feels personal to other people; it's child-like and makes no sense," Kyle Edward Ball told Inverse.

"Skinamarink" is destined to confuse people, and that's a good thing. The horror genre stemmed from humanity's fear of the unknown, after all, and some of the best horror movies embody this notion.