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Upgrade Red Band Trailer Dishes Out High-Tech Vengeance

The vengeance movie genre is about to get a major Upgrade.

Saw and Insidious writer Leigh Whannell is back for his second feature with Upgrade, a story of revenge and vigilante justice with a technological twist. Check out the NSFW red band trailer for the movie up above.

Starring Logan Marshall-Green, Upgrade follows the story of Grey Trace, a technophobic man in a high-tech future who becomes paralyzed from the neck down after he and his wife are brutally attacked by a violent gang.

Paraplegic and with his wife in the grave, Trace seizes upon a second chance at life when a billionaire benefactor offers to "upgrade" his body with an experimental cure. The cure, an artificial intelligence implant, does a whole lot more than just put him back on his feet.

Equipped with an implant named Stem that can not only enhance his speed, strength, reflexes, and natural abilities, Trace sets out as a nearly-automated killing machine on a bloody quest for vengeance against the people who murdered his wife. 

It isn't all just hyper-violence in the trailer — in fact, the movie also looks pretty funny, with Trace's bewildered discovery of his newfound powers subbing in for the audience. For once, the action hero, much like the viewer, is pretty much just a regular guy along for the ride.

"You didn't know that I'm a f***ing ninja," Trace says to a captive prisoner at the trailer's end.

"While I am state-of-the-art," Stem responds, from inside his head, "I am not a ninja."

The trailer makes the movie look like a buddy comedy that takes place in one body — and maybe with a little bit more violence than comedy. Still, we can't wait to see what this guy's capable of with his own personal Combat Siri at his disposal. 

Written and directed by Whannell, Upgrade is the Australian filmmaker's follow-up feature to Insidious: Chapter 3, which was released in 2015. 

The movie comes from Blumhouse, the production house of wonders that's responsible for bringing to life horror movies like Sinister, the Academy Award-winning Get Outand the upcoming movie adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy's, among many other projects.

In addition to Marshall-Green in the lead role, Upgrade also stars Rosco Campbell, Richard Cawthorne, Michael M. Foster, and Betty Gabriel.

Upgrade will be out in theaters on June 1. Check out the red-band trailer up above, and the safe-for-work green band trailer down below.