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Neil Gaiman Reassures Fans That The Sandman Won't Get A Surprise Netflix Cancellation

Investing time and emotional energy into a television show is always a risky move for a viewer, as there's obviously never a guarantee that any particular series will be renewed for more seasons. Devastating cancellations are simply the long-standing reality of Hollywood (especially with the rise of streaming), and how profitable a show can be for a network is far more vital than seeing a creative vision through until the end. However, there's a far more grim truth that viewers have been forced to face over the last year or so: even a renewal is no guarantee of future seasons.

HBO and its parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, have proven this more than a few times. Fans were shocked when the network reversed its renewal for Season 2 of "Minx" and ultimately canceled the series (per Deadline), even though filming was nearly completed. This eyebrow-raising tactic isn't just limited to HBO, however, as Netflix also recently reversed its initial renewal of the animated show "Inside Job" and axed the show after a single season, according to Variety

Naturally, this has led to some fan concern for the streaming giant's other shows, including the fantasy series "The Sandman." However, according to Neil Gaiman, such a surprise cancellation isn't something he's worried about for the beloved adaptation of his popular comic book.

Gaiman says that as long as Netflix is still around, Sandman will get another season

Over on Neil Gaiman's Tumblr account, a worried fan asked "The Sandman" creator how confident he was in Netflix actually following through on a second season of the show, especially given its recent and sudden cancellation of "Inside Job." Naturally, Gaiman responded in a way that is very humorous and on-brand for him, and ultimately said that as long as Netflix is around and the actors are still alive, there will be more of the show to come.

"Netflix could go out of business before more Sandman launches," Gaiman said in the post. "A new, nightmarish pestilence could close the world down completely. The actors could all be eaten by weasels and the show would be shuttered. But if there's a Netflix and nothing unforeseen and tragic happens to close the world or the show down, then there will be more Sandman."

This is obviously great news for fans to hear, but it's ultimately a valid concern for fans to have. After all, it took Netflix nearly four months to finally renew "The Sandman" for a second season (per Esquire) despite its popularity. And in a world where shows are getting canceled left and right and premium streamers like Netflix look to cut down on costs (via Wall Street Journal), nothing is truly certain in the world of television shows. This is especially true as the budgets for high-concept shows like "The Sandman" are increasing more and more. Still, it seems as if Gaiman is more than confident that the show will go on, at least for now.