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The Wizarding World That Harry Potter Fans Actually Want

It's been over ten years since the last "Harry Potter" film came out, but fans' love for the franchise has not waned. Fans continue to express their admiration for the series on social media, often engaging in earnest and extensive debate about things they wish they could see in the film franchise. One Reddit Post, in particular, reimagines the "Harry Potter" series as being made today, showcasing a cinematic universe so extensive that it nearly rivals the MCU.

The post titled "If The Harry Potter Movies Were Made Today" comprises 42 movie posters, including the covers for the real-life "Harry Potter" movies among all the fake ones created by an imaginative mind. Commenter, toraai117, likened this depiction to how things might be if Disney owned the franchise, and the post's author even replied, expressing that had been the original idea, but they hadn't wanted to be too specific.

The author added a comment to the thread with other ideas that unfortunately did not make it, or the list would be too extensive. Some of these included "Charlie and the Dragons," "Luna," "Sirius," and "Hogwarts Founders" as some examples of TV shows and "Ollivander: The Elder Wand," "Salazar: First Slytherin," and "Ron: King of Quidditch" as a few ideas for movies.

With over a thousand comments, the points discussed by fans in the post's thread are many. There was no shortage of comments claiming which fake movie poster they found the funniest or which of these they'd pay to watch.

'Silencio' and take our money

Some fans gave a lot of attention to an imagined Viktor Krum trilogy. A Redditor wrote, "I kinda wanna see a 'Harry Potter' sports movie now. It might be fun to see Krum with some other quidditch legends." This alludes to the fact that fans never got to see much professional Quidditch on screen, which disappointed some fans about the fourth movie in the series. One fan even went as far as to say they'd rather have one single film about Krum than all "Fantastic Beasts" prequels.

Other "Harry Potter" enthusiasts seemed more excited about Hagrid-centric movies. "I desperately want him to have a Steve Irwin-style nature show," wrote MissBerry91. Other Redditors, still, were more fixated on a possible Gilderoy Lockhart series about the phony celebrity teacher.

Judging by this post alone, it is unquestionable that hardcore fans want a deeper dive into the magical world created by J.K. Rowling. But it is also apparent that those who love the Wizarding World don't want just anything. Instead, they wish for thought-out content that fills in the gaps and adds plot points or storylines that weren't expanded upon by the existing movies and books. Hopefully, the right executives will take note of this post and feel inspired to invest in something that can recapture the magical wonder of fans across the globe.