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Why Cable From Deadpool 2 Actually Had A Point

In the world of the "Deadpool" movies, it's hard to paint a line between good and bad. While Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is responsible for taking out his fair share of evildoers and is caring for those close to him, he is far from a friendly neighborhood good guy. With his foul attitude, sarcastic tendencies, and violent approach to taking out his enemies, Wade Wilson is certainly not aiming to be the next Superman. 

Nevertheless, even as an anti-hero looking out for his own good, Deadpool still takes on some level of responsibility when it comes to taking on new threats. Such was the case for 2018's "Deadpool 2," where the character went up against the cybernetic mutant Cable (Josh Brolin). In the sequel, everyone's favorite foul-mouthed anti-hero is tasked with protecting the life of the pyrokinetic mutant Russell Collins, also known as Firefist (Julian Dennison), from Cable, who traveled back in time to take out the young mutant. 

Killing children is not on the top of the list of qualities one looks for in a typical hero, but in a twisted sense, Cable's rational had a some merit. Upon looking deeper at Cable's motivations and backstory, his character presents a more human side that makes him less of a one-dimensional villain. 

Cable is trying to save countless lives

As mentioned previously, Cable's main goal for much of "Deadpool 2" is to take out Firefist, no matter the cost. While it seems like a grizzly mission, Cable has his reasons for targeting the teen, who's hot-headed personality leads to a disastrous future. While his origins in the film are vague, Cable comes from a future where he and Firefist are enemies. This ultimately leads to Firefist breaking into Cable's home and killing his wife and child. As if this personal motivation isn't sympathetic enough, Cable's future also happens to be one of the post-apocalyptic variety thanks to Firefist. 

While Russell Collins has his own traumatizing experiences as a tortured youth in the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation, that doesn't give him a pass for taking down all of humanity. On the other hand, Cable is traveling back in time to save the lives of his loved ones and millions of others that were lost all thanks to Firefist. 

Perhaps there is hope in seeing more dimensions to Cable's character in the future as Josh Brolin signed a four film deal to star in future "Deadpool" movies, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. With that in mind, Deadpool is officially moving to the MCU with "Deadpool 3" (via Collider), so there is still a lot of mystery around Cable to unpack in the future.