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M3GAN Used Three Equally Creepy Versions Of The Doll In Filming

Watch out, Chucky and Annabelle — there's a new killer doll in town. "M3GAN" kicked off 2023 by slaying her opening weekend at the box office, earning $30.2 million and receiving largely positive reviews. From her clever slayings of those who harm Cady (Violet McGraw) to her TikTok-worthy dance moves, M3GAN is certainly a force to be reckoned with. But how is she brought to life on-screen?

Ever since audiences got their first look at M3GAN in the movie's trailer, she's been compared to Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif), the red-haired, possessed Good Guys doll of Don Mancini's "Child's Play" franchise. In fact, these pint-sized slashers even enjoyed some heated Twitter banter over who is superior. 

Regarding Chucky, many of his scenes involve an intricately detailed robot that's manned by an entire team of puppeteers. There are mechanisms that control quite literally everything, from the smallest eyebrow raise to his tiny arm violently wielding a knife. But in other scenes, when the doll needs to take a bit of a beating, a floppy, ragdoll version is brought in, while scenes that require Chucky to run feature actors dressed in the Good Guy's overalls.

As much as Chucky would probably hate to admit it, M3GAN comes to life in a nearly identical fashion. Actress and producer Allison Williams, who portrays Cady's Aunt Gemma, the creator of the android, revealed that three versions of the doll were used in filming.

An actress, an animatronic, and a doll were used to bring M3GAN to life

On "Late Night with Seth Meyers," "M3GAN" actress and executive producer Allison Williams shared details on how the high-tech playmate was created. Similar to Chucky, three versions of M3GAN can be seen: an animatronic, a doll and a human. "We achieved her in a couple of different ways," Williams explained. "One was just like a static, posable doll that didn't do anything but was terrifying, I think the scariest of all."

For many scenes, an animatronic M3GAN was used. This required a team of six puppeteers to control her facial and body movements. "That was the most complicated," Williams continued. "She was very temperamental."

As for the more action-packed moments in "M3GAN," such as her iconic dance or when she run-crawls through the forest, rising actress Amie Donald is the star, sporting a disturbing M3GAN mask. According to director Gerard Johnstone, Donald blew the entire team away with her talent and unexpected passion for gore. He said (via Hollywood Life), "Many major stunts they thought they'd need rigging for, Amie could do with a few minutes' practice ... To top it all off, she could not have been sweeter -– and yet, she still loved doing the creepy, stabby stuff the most."

Williams admitted that she had a hard time distinguishing Donald from the other two M3GANs. Still, she knows one thing –- all three are equally creepy and make for the perfect thriller flick to kick off 2023. Plus, if M3GAN and Chucky were to ever unite in an ultimate doll battle, the similar technology would likely make for a smooth collaboration. After all, Don Mancini did use his Instagram to officially welcome M3GAN to the dollhouse...