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Blue Bloods Fans Are Tired Of Eddie's Boss In Season 13

Many of us have had the misfortune of dealing with a boss who seems like they have it in for us. From the kind of neglect that can make you feel invisible, to the kind of hyper-focus that can make you feel like there's a target on your back, horrible bosses can ruin your work experience. On the CBS police procedural "Blue Bloods," Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray) would prefer it if their new boss in Season 13 — Stephanie Kurtzuba's Captain Paula McNichols — was the former, but they aren't that lucky.

Married couple Jamie and Eddie have addressed the problematic proposition of them working together, despite their union. They knew it would be tricky, but there are no laws that prevent them from working together. Still, it doesn't sit well with their new boss: Captain McNichols believes married couples working together can lead to corruption. Of course, this isn't new information. Jamie and Eddie found out that Captain McNichols had a problem with them way back in Season 10, when she was Sergeant McNichols and spent her time second-guessing every move Eddie made.

There have been dozens of characters set up to be points of conflict against the Reagans, from the anti-police Reverend Potter (Ato Essandoh) and the numerous mayors who have gone up against Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), to the serial killers and cartels who have targeted Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg). However, Jamie and Eddie's adversary has proven to be particularly irksome for fans, and they have sounded off on social media about their feelings.

Fans are ready to say goodbye to Captain McNichols

Twitter user @HessThe made hers feelings on Captain McNichols perfectly clear in a tweet, saying, "Eddie's boss.... She is a total B." Of course, if the writers wanted to introduce a character as a point of conflict, it isn't surprising that fans don't like her as a person, but there's something about McNichols that seems to cross the line. Some viewers actually think that McNichols is a poorly rendered character, as discussions on Reddit have revealed. Redditor u/xforce4life wrote: "Why is this character getting so much time when she is so pointless!!!"

While the writers would surely disagree with the argument that the character is pointless, there seems to be plenty of support for the sentiment that she is getting too much attention. "For some reason, the writers seem to have fallen in love with her," Redditor u/eremite00 said. "At least from those who post in this sub, I haven't read much if anything suggesting that the viewers have been clamoring to see more of the character." Other comments support this point of view, with many saying that McNichols is pointless because everyone is a potential conflict for Eddie — she's so stubborn that she could argue with a stop sign.

Is Captain McNichols unrealistically harsh on the married couple? The first time she sees them following her promotion, she declares that one of them is going to be transferred by the end of the day. Of course, Reagans being Reagans, the pair find a way to side-step the ultimatum. However, it's almost certain that we haven't seen the end of Captain McNichols, whether fans like it or not.