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Eminem And 50 Cent Are Trying To Bring 8 Mile To The Small Screen

When some people think about performing a rap battle in front of a live and rowdy crowd, they may find themselves with sweaty palms and reflecting upon their mother's infamous spaghetti. Luckily, these butterflies in the stomach are experienced by even musicians who become global sensations, which is probably why the 2002 movie, "8 Mile," proved to be such a hit. 

Starring Marshall Mathers III, aka Eminem, "8 Mile" is loosely based on the rapper's life, which sees a struggling individual start to make their first steps into a greater world of celebrity, though this journey is filled with doubters, betrayals, and epic rap battles involving Anthony Mackie.

Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, was discovered by Eminem and the two have forged a real-life friendship. However, Jackson wasn't simply satisfied with being a musician and currently has over 100 acting credits, 32 producer credits, and several for writing and directing (via IMDb). Probably his most famous credit thus far, besides his music catalog, is that on his TV show, "Power," which ran for six seasons and maintains an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, though Curtis has had somewhat of a falling out with Starz, the channel that broadcast the hit show.

It seems though that both Mathers and Jackson are working on a TV series inspired by "8 Mile," but what exactly are Jackson's thoughts on the matter?

50 Cent is working on an 8 Mile show, and Eminem is aware of the project

In a January 2023 interview with BigBoyTV, 50 Cent revealed that he is planning on creating an "8 Mile" television series, which immediately invoked surprised and shocked looks. 50 Cent also confirmed that Eminem is aware of the plan, saying the show is "in motion."

Show host Big Boy noted that the "8 Mile" movie is relatively self-contained, with little backstory provided and nothing that implies what the future may have held for Jimmy aka B-Rabbit (Mathers). He asked 50 Cent where the television iteration of "8 Mile" might pick up, with the rapper referencing the rebooted "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" as a format: "I want to be able to show and offer a lot more details."

50 Cent continued that his version of "8 Mile" will be a modern retelling of the story, and will loosely draw from events in Eminem's life, but it seems as if this new story will be much more fleshed out, and could potentially pick up before and after the events of the movie. Either way, it definitely sounds like there will be an "8 Mile" television show at some point in the future.