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You Season 4's Trailer Has Fans Loving The Show's Ability To Stay Fresh

"You" has a premise that constantly requires innovation. After all, the show begins with a young man by the name of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), who falls madly in love with a woman. This love quickly turns to obsession, and after some indiscretions, Joe turns his mind toward murder. That basic formula basically plays out in different settings throughout Seasons 2 and 3, and it looks like Season 4 is going to switch up things even more. 

This time around, Joe finds himself in Europe to track down Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), but while there, he has to adopt an entirely new persona. It also looks like he has a new roster of friends/potential victims, who clearly have more going on than simply staring at their financial portfolios. We're still about a month away until "You" Season 4 drops on Netflix, but fans are already loving the new tone and concept for the season. While many shows tend to stagnate after a few seasons, "You" seems to be able to keep things fresh, much to viewers' joy. 

Fans love how You keeps the plot interesting

"You" changes things up in a few ways. Each season sees Joe in a new setting, with Season 4 bringing him to Europe. There's also always a new love interest, even in Season 3 where Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) holds over, Joe obsesses over Marienne. It seems like this trend will continue into the new batch of episodes, and fans are excited to see where "You" will take Joe next. 

These reactions are plentiful underneath the YouTube trailer, such as one person who wrote, "this looks like a whole new show im so excited. new season looks like a mashup of gossip girl, knives out and of course sherlock lol. This season looks even more insane than the last 3 ones and I can't wait." The central mystery adds a new wrinkle to "You," with Joe receiving mysterious texts throughout the trailer, putting him on the defensive rather than offensive.

Another YouTuber found a trend within each season that keeps things fresh, noting, "Really love how they can make every season different. 1st season, we see a basic love story about a wolf and a sheep. 2nd season, we see the wolf fall [in love] with a wolf in a sheep's clothing. 3rd season, we see the wolves take care of their child and tear each other. 4th season, we see the wolf being preyed on by a superior predator." It would be easy for "You" to repeat its formula, but its success seems to be in its ability to put Joe in increasingly precarious situations in new environments. Hopefully, fans enjoy the change when Season 4, Part 1 comes out on Netflix on February 9.