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Joe Finds The Tables Turned In The Trailer For You Season 4

Lock your doors and close your blinds. Joe Goldberg is back on the loose in the trailer for Season 4 — Part 1 of the Netflix thriller "You." Led by a breakout performance from Penn Badgley, "You" started out as a Lifetime drama before the streaming giant saw potential in its grim premise, which follows an obsessive stalker who "falls in love" with women before ultimately killing them when they uncover the darkness underneath his charismatic exterior.

Season 3 saw Joe more or less trapped in suburban life, forcibly attached to former-obsession-turned-murderous-rival Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and their child. Love's impact on the series was indelible, turning the central apex predator into a victim of the very crimes he had perpetrated against others. This dynamic brought out a complex vulnerability in both characters, whose burgeoning empathies for their son and each other were corrupted by horrifying urges.

The tension between Love and Joe inevitably culminated in a violent finale that could see only one victor — Joe. The final moments of Season 3 saw Joe wandering the streets of a foreign country, hoping for the chance to start his life over once more. As the recently released trailer for Season 4 reveals, however, Joe will again have the core of his very being challenged by a villain more dangerous than he.

Joe runs so far away...

Much of the trailer for Season 4 of "You" promises an arresting departure from the first three seasons while maintaining the underlying conceit that makes the tale so darkly compelling. Amid quick shots of intriguing venues such as a glitzy lounge and a red carpet (possibly a movie premiere — perhaps Forty's script has found success after all), fans get a clear picture of where Joe Goldberg has wound up.

Now fully on the run in London, England, Joe has assumed the identity of Jonathan Moore, a well-off professor who has embedded himself among the local aristocracy. Among them is Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), an attractive neighbor who threatens to become Joe's newest deadly fixation. Meanwhile, librarian Marienne Bellamy ("Kaleidoscope's" Tati Gabrielle) appears to have reentered Joe's life abroad — either by fate or scheme.

Indeed, Kate and Marienne both make decent cases for being this season's mystery antagonist — a murderer known as the "Eat the Rich Killer" who begins killing Joe's new friends one by one while teasing him via text. Seemingly, Joe will have to investigate and uncover the killer's identity, lest he becomes their next target — or, worse, they reveal his identity to the public and end his reign of terror for good.