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Tulsa King Fans Are Left With Nothing But Disappointment Over The Season Finale

This article contains spoilers for the "Tulsa King" Season 1 finale.

"Tulsa King" wrapped up its first season on Sunday, but some fans feel that the closing episode was a massive letdown. 

Of course, the finale wasn't short on drama as there was a notable death and the revelation that ATF agent Stacy Beale (Andrea Savage) survived a gunshot to the stomach. Elsewhere, Beale turned Dwight "The General" Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone) over to the authorities, showing that her career is more important than any romantic feelings she harbors for the mob boss. While Beale and Stallone are known for goofing around on the set, their characters will undoubtedly be at odds in Season 2.

Despite the dramatic turn of events in the "Tulsa King" season finale, some fans are of the opinion that the episode failed to stick the landing. With that in mind, let's find out why a select portion of viewers took issue with it.

Tulsa King fans feel that the finale was rushed

Following the Season 1 finale, some "Tulsa King" fans flocked to Reddit to voice their complaints and concerns. According to r/MickeyHamfistsLC, "Waltrip's death was very sudden and felt rushed." The Redditor also noted that the creators could have "pushed another episode out of him" as he's a strong character who had more to offer. Additionally, the forum user felt that Stacy's "shift in character was stupid."

This view was echoed by u/zex_mysterion, who claimed that the rushed nature of the episode hampered the storytelling. "So many plot holes opened. I hate it when they have to rush everything in the last episode of a season, and this one seemed like they had to cram two episodes into one," they wrote before criticizing the Dwight and Stacy storyline. "There have been little holes and miraculous coincidences through the whole season but this episode took some real leaps," they added.

Redditor u/Pariah-6, meanwhile, "absolutely hated the ending" and speculated about the direction Season 2 might take. "So it looks like they're going to make Stacy a reluctant antagonist (which is the worst type of villain), they have put Dwight back to square one at the end of the season. Very disappointing." Despite these criticisms, however, some of the finale's critics are looking forward to Season 2, believing that it will give the creators an opportunity to rectify these mistakes.