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The Steamy Nicolas Cage Thriller That Might Be Too Much For Netflix

Some experts say that a Nicolas Cage movie a day keeps the doctor away. Okay, maybe not, but in another world, that could be a legit medical recommendation. Whether you're a fan of Cage's more acclaimed projects such as "Raising Arizona," "Adaptation" or his Oscar-winning role in "Leaving Las Vegas" or have a taste for his more eccentric roles in films such as "The Wicker Man," "Mandy" and "Willy's Wonderland," it's hard to go wrong with the "National Treasure" star (who also happens to be an actual national treasure).

His colorful roles and commitment to his work, no matter how outlandish the vision, has kept Cage such a beloved presence in the entertainment industry for all these decades. It doesn't matter the premise, the director, or who else stars in it. If Cage's name is attached to a movie, you can count us in. But sometimes, even we have to question Cage's motivation for joining some of these off-kilter projects. In 2018, the actor's name became attached to one of easily the strangest additions to his filmography — which is saying quite a lot.

The plot of Between Worlds will make your head spin

2018 was an especially eventful year for Nicolas Cage. The actor starred in a wide array of projects, ranging from Oscar-winning gems such as "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" to quickly forgotten bargain bin picks such as "The Humanity Bureau." But no film from that year can quite equal the pure insanity that is "Between Worlds." Yes — even more than "Mandy." Strap in.

The Maria Pulera-directed supernatural thriller follows Joe (Cage), a trucker with a troubled past, who starts a new relationship with a woman who possesses the ability to contact spirits and needs Joe's help to find the soul of her daughter. But a spirit from Joe's past haunts the young woman instead and proceeds to cause havoc. With its bonkers story, odd tone, and bare-bones production values, it's not hard to imagine how critics felt about "Between Worlds." On top of all that, the film hopes to be sexy with its bizarre sensual moments. The Lynchian-inspired approach makes it hard to feel anything but immense confusion throughout the venture.

While the film was recently on Netflix for some time, it has recently been taken off the platform and can be found streaming on the free, ad-based streaming service Tubi.