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The Community Movie Will Finally Roll Cameras In June

"Community" fans have long held onto their dream of seeing the totemic #sixseasonsandamovie complete the saga of their favorite series. While the show did eventually get its somewhat improbable sixth season, they're still waiting on a movie, but there have been some good developments on that front over the last year. Now, the prospect of a real-life "Community" movie is one step closer to reality, as confirmed by no less an authority than series star Joel McHale.

McHale recently revealed that the "Community" film will begin filming this June, the first public indication fans have had that series creator Dan Harmon had a script ready to go (or at least close enough). So it's good news for anybody who's been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a "Community" movie and the return of the Greendale study group, in whatever permutation it currently exists in.

McHale also managed to confirm the appearance of a certain fan-favorite "Community" character who, for whatever reason, wasn't part of the project's initial announcement.

And Ken Jeong will be part of the cast

The new details regarding the upcoming "Community" film came from Joel McHale's recent appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Kimmel waited until the very end of the interview to ask about the movie. "We're making the 'Community' movie in June," said McHale.

There to promote the upcoming series "Animal Control" and with a giant live snake on his person, McHale was then asked whether beloved monkey Annie's Boobs (Crystal the Monkey) would be returning to Greendale for the movie. He didn't seem to know the answer to that, but he did offer up another casting detail: "I can say Ken Jeong's gonna be in it," said McHale to a somewhat muted response from the show's live audience. Jeong had previously been reported as part of the cast by Variety, but McHale confirmed it during his interview with Kimmel.

But hey, "Community" has always been a cult show with a cult audience, and if news of the upcoming movie doesn't thrill the audience for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" it will at least find its way to the hearts of the right people over the internet.

With filming evidently set to begin in a few short months, fans are closer than ever to finally getting to see a fabled "Community" movie in the near future.