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Chicago PD Fans Are Loving Torres And Ruzek's Bond

Being a police officer is a rough job, especially if one is working the proverbial beat on "Chicago P.D.," which is part of the "One Chicago" franchise. Season 10 of "Chicago P.D." has seen the police unit of Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) go through several ups and downs, including the death of an informant, a new chief, pharmacy robberies, hostile neighborhoods, human trafficking, and a string of brutal home invasions. Episode 10 (titled "This Job") begins with Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) and Dante Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) at a poker game among cops. It becomes immediately apparent that Torres is uncomfortable around Detective Borkowski (Tom Lipinski), and Torres throws his poker hand away with an all-in he knows won't go anywhere in order to leave.

Picking up on Torres' feelings, Ruzek offers to drive Torres home, noting that he feels obligated to do so since Ruzek drove them to the poker game. On the way, the pair receives notice of a home invasion in progress, and they leap into action. Finding the owners bound and assaulted, Torres becomes even more distressed. The next day, the members of Chicago P.D. begin to work the scene, which results in Torres and Ruzek pleading with Borkowski to share the case. He reluctantly agrees.

Torres doesn't like Borkowski, and Ruzek tempers Torres' feelings

A major plot thread throughout "This Job" involves the interaction between Dante Torres and Adam Ruzek as they work this harrowing case. Torres, Ruzek, Borkowski, and others eventually corner the criminals. After a tense stand-off, Torres and Borkowski apprehend the last remaining perpetrator, though Borkowski threatens to use his well-connected friends to end Torres' career due to Torres snooping around Borkowski's history. This causes Torres to retort that lots of people are watching, and he brushes off the threat.

At the end of "This Job," Torres is drinking at a bar, and Ruzek comes up to offer a sympathetic ear. Torres complains that he lied under oath and expresses hope that Borkowski will be brought to justice, and Ruzek says that it will happen in time. Throughout the episode, Ruzek and Torres share a mentor-student style of relationship, with Ruzek often tempering Torres's passion and drive by offering sound advice, listening to his complaints, and believing in Torres' thought process. This episode-wide interaction delighted fans, who wasted no time in taking to social media to express their adoration.

Over on Reddit, u/januarysdaughter wrote, "Aww, Ruzek and Torres bonding. Love it." Similarly, u/Alliecat5689 also agreed with this statement, and u/kyhansen1509 added, "Good enough replacement for Halstead and Torres. Mentor and student type relation." However, these weren't the only social media comments about this burgeoning dynamic between Ruzek and Torres. Twitter users also offered up plenty of opinions.

Fans love the interactions between Torres and Ruzek

Much like the comments on Reddit, Twitter users were also digging how close Ruzek and Torres are getting, especially after this episode's events. @hollym1289 asked the rhetorical question, "Why is Ruzek and Torres hanging out together adorable?" They later added that they are absolutely in love with their partnership and how it is developing. A few minutes after the episode premiered, @beckystellaride posted a wide-eyed emoji and wrote about Ruzek and Torres bonding, saying later, "i'm loving ruzek and torres partnering up."

@aclarkcounty is also a big fan of the episode, and expressed that they love that Ruzek and Torres are partnering up, which seems to be a trend in the comments. @jonakijoannaki said, "I like Ruzek and Torres' friendship!!"

All of these thoughts highlight how much of an impact the interactions between Ruzek and Torres are having on fans. And it seems everyone hopes there will be much more of these two in the future.