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Horror Fans Are Already Feeling Sick And Tired After Watching Kevin Williamson's Sick Trailer

It was inevitable the COVID-19 pandemic was going to influence film and television. Despite the fact COVID-19 and its variants are still very much a thing, it seems artists are looking back on the early days of the pandemic with a certain sense of fondness. After all, we just got "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," which takes place at the beginning of the pandemic when people were still in quarantine and had to wear masks out and about. Now, we're getting another film that occurs in March/April 2020 with "Sick" although it appears this one will have a far different tone. 

"Sick" is an upcoming horror/thriller that follows some friends who decide to spend quarantine in a remote cabin where there closest neighbor is miles away. It makes sense; if you can't see anyone anyway, you may as well spend a little time out in nature next to a beautiful lake. But their relaxing getaway takes a nefarious turn when an unexpected visitor arrives. It looks to be a thrilling ride, keeping up the scares of the new year following the success of "M3GAN." And fans have plenty of thoughts following the release of the movie's trailer.

People are tired of COVID horror

Filmmakers have taken plenty of influence from the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous low-budget offerings have come out over the past few years, but a couple of higher-profile movies have surfaced, including "Songbird" and "Host." They all range in terms of tastefulness, and while it remains to be seen where "Sick" will fall on the sensitivity spectrum, horror fans already have thoughts. And honestly, they're all kind of tired of COVID stories at this point.

Just take this tweet from @supermangeek101: "I'm real Sick of the pandemic horror movies!" @BarrySkywalker1 had a similar thought: "Can we please stop with covid-inspired movies." And while these movies sure seem to want to pretend like the pandemic is over, @What_A_Burner pointed out, "No thank you... we're still in this s***!"

The response seems clear. A lot of people are tired of pretending as though the pandemic is over. Tens of thousands of people still contract the virus on a weekly basis, and people continue dying from it (via CDC). And that's not even getting into the long-term complications of COVID that are still being recorded. The initial shutdowns were only three years ago, and the fact we've gotten so many movies about that point in time means a lot of people probably haven't recovered ... either emotionally, financially, or physically. "Sick" may prove to be an entertaining movie, but for some, it's too much too soon.