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1923 Actor Brian Geraghty Talks Filming In Negative 20 Degree Weather

Anyone who has watched Taylor Sheridan's "1923" can probably guess that there's a lot its actors have to put themselves through physically while filming. Riding a horse is no walk in the park, nor are the gunplay, fist fights, and all the other stunts. Even with stunt doubles stepping in, there's a good amount of endurance still needed to believably pull off an epic western like this.

No doubt that the lead of "1923," Mr. Harrison "I'm Indiana Jones and Han Solo, get over it" Ford, is used to this kind of thing. And given the strength of the show's cast, there's no reason to believe every actor is anything less than professional. But even the seasoned pro has to go up against some pretty daunting circumstances from time to time.

Brian Geraghty confirmed as much in a recent interview with ScreenRant. Geraghty, who plays loyal Dutton farmhand Zane Davis, is no rookie. He's had his share of physically demanding parts over the years, from his time in the main cast of "Chicago P.D." to his supporting role in "The Hurt Locker" (via IMDb). 

In none of those, however, did he have to deal with the harsh Montana winters.

'We're not shooting this in California'

Brian Geraghty talked about a lot with ScreenRant's Tatiana Hullender, and it seems that the weather of Montana was among the biggest challenges he and the rest of the "1923" cast faced. "Working outside in the elements has been difficult at times and challenging," he said, "however, it's really important that we're not shooting this in California and trying to green-screen it."

It's not like Geraghty is a slouch when it comes to cold weather either. Chicago's winters are no joke — almost as cold as the crime and violence faced by the characters on "Chicago P.D." — and he had to deal with them during his tenure on that show. But the winters in the mountain ranges of Montana are on a whole different level. 

Montana is regularly host to Arctic air masses coming from the north during the winter, and currently holds the record for the coldest recorded temperature in the continental United States: minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit (via University of Montana). And given the show's commitment to realism in set and costuming, it sounds like Geraghty and company had to grin and bear it.

"Last week, it was maybe -20 [degrees], and then it was -6 for riding horses in the snow," said Geraghty. "There are times, with the vintage clothes that are very authentic, that it's just not warm. We don't have any Canadian goose jackets or anything."