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Grease's Didi Conn Was Not A Fan Of Frenchy's Wardrobe For The Rydell High Dance Scene

Didi Conn's 50-year-long career started off with guest-starring roles on high-profile series like "Happy Days" and "The Rookies," which co-starred "Charlie's Angels" alumna Kate Jackson. Afterwards, Conn got a major break as a lead on 1976's "The Practice" and just five years after beginning her film and TV career, she landed her most memorable role to date: the Pink Ladies' bubbly but cosmetically challenged Frenchy in the 1978 feature film adaptation of "Grease."

The Pink Ladies, and the T-Birds they consorted with for that matter, were all considerably younger than the cast portraying them in the movie, but the actors found a brilliant way to remedy the age disparity for the purpose of building chemistry on and off-screen. "We stayed in character all day long," Conn said during an interview with BUILD Series LDN. "So, that way we could kind of become these teenagers again." The cast's decision not to break character gave the thespians the ability to "flirt around and be a little horny," Conn laughed.

The acting choice to remain forever young emboldened the "Grease" actors, as did their cool, hip '50s costumes. In fact, the wardrobe of "Grease" has become as synonymous with the film as its stars or music, so how did Conn feel about sporting Frenchy's blonde wig and pineapple-colored dress during the National Bandstand dance off sequence?

Conn didn't care for Frenchy's dance-off wardrobe

Frenchy sports some unforgettable looks in "Grease." Heck, the beauty school dropout even gets chastised by Frankie Avalon himself for her Easter egg-colored hairdo. However, that didn't bother Didi Conn. Rather, it was the wardrobe that Frenchy wore to the dance-off that Conn took exception to. "I didn't like that wig," Conn said during her interview with the BUILD Series LDN. "I didn't like that dress." 

Conn revealed to BUILD that she wasn't at all prepared for the attire the wardrobe department selected for Frenchy to wear during the National Bandstand dance-off sequence. Sometimes the costumes were customized to match with the outfits the entire ensemble wore during particular scenes, so Conn was blindsided when the blonde wig and pineapple dress showed up on set. "I didn't think it was very Frenchy, that dress and the hair," Conn continued.

Barry Pearl portrayed the T-Bird Doody in the film, who is Frenchy's awkward dance partner during the Bandstand sequence. While Doody seems too distracted to notice much since he's counting his steps to keep up with Frenchy, the infamous yellow dress and wig does initially garner a unique response from the T-Bird. When they first arrive at the dance off, the Pink Lady asks him how she looks and he memorably responds, "Like a beautiful blonde pineapple!" As it turns out, that colorful line was unscripted and it was improvised by Pearl as a way to cheer Conn up about her outfit.