The Debate About Kaleidoscope's Random Viewing Order Is Real

"Kaleidoscope" is the latest Netflix binge-watch that people are obsessing over. The story itself follows a group of thieves who want to pull off the ultimate heist. However, the thing that has really tickled everyone pink is the fact you can watch the show in (pretty much) any order you want, and the story still makes sense.

With eight episodes total, that means there are over 40,000 different combinations in which to watch the series. It's inspired a lot of debate around fans about what the perfect viewing experience entails. Of course, as is the case with any Netflix phenomenon, it's going to inspire more than one debate, and now, people have taken to the internet to suggest the viewing order doesn't matter in the slightest. In fact, it may even be to your detriment to obsess over what order is the most precise for getting the most out of the story. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy this story inspired by Hurricane Sandy in peace. 

Plenty of people say you're best off just going in chronological order

The gimmick behind "Kaleidoscope" is that Netflix assigns everyone a different viewing order. You can, of course, buck this trend and select any episode order you please, but for many, it's exciting that the choice remains in your hand. Naturally, there are those who aren't amused by this setup and would prefer a more straightforward viewing experience. 

You can find this on Twitter, where @ayaobaksolo wrote, "The random order for #kaleidoscopenetflix is a no for me." Then you have @_ohalicia, who backed this up, saying, "watching #kaleidoscopenetflix in chronological order makes the most sense, idc what nobody says.... i tried the random order and no." Each episode takes place a certain length of time before or after the heist, and then you have "White," which is the heist itself. While you can go in any order you want, going chronological takes a lot of the stress out of the proceedings. 

Even on Reddit, people are sharing their thoughts on "Kaleidoscope." Redditor u/ZeusAllMighty11 had a popular response with nearly 60 upvotes, writing, "I'm on the final episode now. I watched in a fairly random order, but still ended up getting a few chronologically. Without seeing the ending, I personally think that the ability to watch out of order doesn't add anything to the show at all." A lot of people backed them up, agreeing that going chronological makes sense and that the show isn't that much different going in a random order. Ultimately, you should do whatever you want when it comes to "Kaleidoscope;" that's what it was meant for.