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The Two Truckers Who Have Been In Over 100 Ice Road Truckers Episodes

History's "Ice Road Truckers" (which ran for 11 seasons between 2007 and 2017) is a series which focuses on the eponymous group of truck drivers whose winter routes take them across the deadly "Ice Roads" of Canada and Alaska. In actuality, these roads are actually just paths that cross frozen bodies of water in the Arctic regions of North America — the ice of which is so volatile that it cracks the entire time you're driving, and stopping, even for a moment, could lead to sudden death.

Considering the incredibly dangerous line of work these truckers are in, it's undeniably impressive that so many of them maintain this career for multiple years, as it requires immense courage, dedication, and experience to tackle this deadly feat. Perhaps even more impressive are the truckers who manage to last just as long as cast members of "Ice Road Truckers," since those truckers also have to deal with the added pressure of the camera crew and the fame that comes with their appearance in the series.

Indeed, despite the fact that the series aired over 138 episodes during its time on air, only two truckers in the entire series managed to appear in 100+ episodes.

Hugh Rowland and Alex Debogorski are the only truckers to surpass 100 episodes

The two truckers in question are Hugh Rowland and Alex Deborgorski, which should come as no surprise to longtime fans of "Ice Road Truckers," since both of these truckers are essential cornerstones of the series. Rowland and Debogorski first joined the series back in Season 1, with Rowland starring in 112 episodes and Debogorski starring in 123.

Although those numbers might imply that Debogorski was the more prominent member of the main cast, it's worth mentioning that Rowland actually left the series in Season 8 following a car crash that altered his life trajectory forever, and led to an undeniably messy lawsuit between Rowland and one of the show's producers. By comparison, Debogorski stuck around through all 11 Seasons of "Ice Road Truckers," being the only driver in the series to do so.

Regardless of who currently holds the title for most "Ice Road Truckers" episodes total, it's clear that both of these truckers made an immense impact during their time within the series — becoming the de-facto faces of "Ice Road Truckers” due to their popularity with fans and their talent for the business itself.