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Do Matt And Kim From MTV's Catfish Still Talk?

Back when MTV's "Catfish" used to feel more surprising and genuine rather than cynical and overproduced, there was a quasi-couple called Matt and Kim who stole all of our hearts. Well, some of our hearts. In the first season of the show, back in 2012 before the entire world knew who Nev Schulman is, the two met online and hit it off. But there was a catch: Matt Lowe had been hiding something from Kim Wingeier. Every time she wanted to meet in person, he postponed it. 

While viewers assumed that it was because Matt had been lying about his identity, they were only half right. When Matt finally met Kim, it became clear that he'd only been hiding a more recent development: he'd gained some weight since they'd started talking, and didn't feel comfortable in his own skin. Otherwise, he was completely who he said he was. Ultimately, Matt and Kim's reunion was sweet, hopeful, and drama-free.

Sadly, however, the two didn't end up pursuing their relationship further. In the end, Kim didn't feel ready to get serious with a new person due to the recent suicide of one of her exes. But that didn't mean that the two stopped talking forever. Here's what's going on with Matt and Kim now.

Matt has a new girlfriend

Good news for those who believe in happy endings — Matt Lowe and Kim Wingeier appear to have remained friends after their time on "Catfish." Matt even joked on Twitter in 2013 that the two were an item; however, it turned out to be an April Fools' joke. Still, it proved that the two were spending time together and joking around.

The even better news is that Matt is now living his best life as a motivational speaker in LA with a lovely girlfriend named Jolene Christal. He's even well-known enough to get his own death hoaxes – that's true celebrity! He also wrote on his Instagram bio that he has lost 189 pounds over the years.

As for Kim, she doesn't use social media much, but she reunited with Matt on the "Catfish" reunion show in 2017, so that's something. In the meantime, "Catfish" is still airing episodes, so you can tune in and see how far the show has come since 2012 (It hasn't come far.)