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Ralph Wiggum's 'I'm In Danger' Meme Is Actually From A Family Guy Episode

When it comes to the most memeable TV show of all time, it really comes down to two contenders — "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "The Simpsons." 

Honestly, "The Simpsons" has a bit of an unfair advantage, seeing how it's been on the air since the 1980s and has produced many excellent episodes that are still relevant today as they came out decades ago. Some comedy bits are simply classics, and it makes sense people have resorted to the titular family time and time again to express a thought or feeling. 

From Principal Skinner wondering if he or the children have gotten out of touch to Grandpa Simpson being an old man yelling at a cloud, "The Simpsons" has produced some of the finest memes out there. And, of course, we can't forget Ralph Wiggum sitting on a bus, simply stating, "I'm in danger." But true fans know that meme didn't come from a "Simpsons" episode at all. In fact, it's from the "Family Guy" crossover, "The Simpsons Guy."

Leave it to Ralph to not know what show he's in

In 2014, two Fox titans joined forces to boldly go where many shows have gone before — the iconic crossover. For years, "Family Guy" had received numerous accusations of ripping off "The Simpsons," and the crossover actually addressed such accusations. But ultimately, it was still a "Family Guy" episode through and through, and as such, it only made sense for Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson to get into an epic fight around Springfield. At one point during their battle, they get on an empty school bus except for one child — Ralph Wiggum. 

Homer tries to stop the fight by pointing out there's a kid on the bus, to which Ralph Says, "I'm in danger." And with that, a meme was born. It's gone on to be used in numerous contexts, including Ralph being a stand-in for a youngling in the Jedi temple when Anakin's about to go Order 66 all over the place. 

It wouldn't be the last time Ralph Wiggum was the subject of a meme. In "The Simpsons" episode, "The Bart of War," Ralph Wiggum comes hurling through a window to humorous effect. It seems "The Simpsons" writing staff does more than predict the future; they're also first-class meme-makers.