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D.J. Tanner's Worst Moment On Full House, According To Fans

Nobody ever accused D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) of being the fun one on "Full House." Even Bure, in an interview with ET shortly before the premiere of the sequel series "Fuller House," said that D.J. was very much the mom of the group in this latest series. "She is a little bit like Danny Tanner as a dad," Bure explained. "She's very organized and orderly. I mean, she's a single mom, so she sort of has to be with three kids. And she's the mom of the group in every way. Between Kimmy and Stephanie, she's just a little more straight-laced than everyone else is. And the other girls kind of loosen her up along the way."

Still, straight-laced is a generous description of the character compared to the takes some fans have on the character. In a thread in the r/fullhouse subreddit, u/TheAllegedGenius called D.J. "the worst," complaining about her character specifically in "Fuller House." The user goes on to lay particular criticism on the fact that she keeps saying she should never have broken up with Steve (Scott Weigner), which comes off as a slight to her late husband. Additionally, D.J. seems to openly admit to Max (Elias Harger) being her favorite child and seems to think less of her son Jackson (Michael Campion).

But while some may have issues with her as a parent, that's nothing compared to the hatred she received in another thread in the same subreddit where fans voted on her worst moment in the original series.

The time D.J. forgot Kimmy's birthday

In a thread in the r/fullhouse subreddit, u/TravoltaFan1978 asked about D.J.'s worst moment on the show and listed quite a few doozies. The list includes the time in the Season 1 episode "D.J. Tanner's Day Off" when she gets Stacy Q's autograph despite her father Danny (Bob Saget) telling her not to do so, and the time she fights with Steve on Christmas. The time in the Season 7 episode "The Prying Game" where D.J. gets so mad at Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) she tells her younger sister to stay out of her life made the list. The time in Season 2's "Joey Gets Tough" when she yells at Joey (Dave Coulier) that he isn't her real father also made the list. But the moment that takes the cake comes from the Season 6 episode "Birthday Blues" when she forgets Kimmy's (Andrea Barber) birthday.

In the episode, which is particularly uncomfortable to watch, D.J. is so caught up in her new relationship with Steve that she forgets to plan anything for her best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber) on Kimmy's 16th birthday. D.J. is then forced to round up her own family — who won't stop cracking jokes about how much they dislike poor Kimmy — to put together a last-minute birthday celebration for her unfortunate friend.

"I understand being in a new relationship and being excited about your anniversary, but she and Kimmy had been best friends since they were 5," wrote a user from a now-deleted account in the thread discussing the poll. Meanwhile, u/idontgetwhyimhere, who admitted to voting for the birthday incident, also pointed out that D.J. didn't owe a party to her friend. So it would seem that even D.J.'s worst moment isn't that cut and dry for fans.