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James Gunn Confirms Another Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg

If you're a dedicated movie Easter egg hunter, Guardians of the Galaxy is truly the film that just keeps giving.

Almost four years after the cosmic Marvel flick landed in theaters, a fan has discovered yet another secret reference hidden in plain sight. And this one involves a Stan Lee cameo, so you'd assume all the die-hards would've already scrutinized every second of it.

It happens early in the movie when Rocket Raccoon is using a piece of tech to analyze the people on Xandar. He sees the legendary Marvel writer talking to a woman while text in an alien language appears onscreen. A fan on Twitter noticed that one line can be translated to Lee's beloved catchphrase "Excelsior," and it's written in Skrull — which is a reference to an alien race we still haven't seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It didn't take very long for writer-director James Gunn to confirm that the Easter egg is legit, however, he pointed out that it isn't the one fabled Easter egg he's challenged fans to find. 

"This is an actual Easter egg that hasn't been found, but it is not the Easter egg." he tweeted. "That said, I think you deserve a No-Prize and it shows there are still Easter eggs to be found in the [Guardians of the Galaxy] films, despite the doubters."

So the search for the ultimate Easter egg continues. Gunn once jokingly promised $100,000 to anyone who could prove there are no more references to be found in the Guardians movies, and it sounds like he'll be hanging onto the cash for the time being. 

Meanwhile, Gunn is presumably packing even more Easter eggs into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which he's currently writing. But the movie isn't expected to arrive until 2020, so everyone still has plenty of time to repeatedly watch every frame of the first two installments.