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The Only Supernatural Character To Appear In Every Episode

Over 15 seasons, "Supernatural" went from an obscure television show to a cult classic whose fandom still dominates the internet. Created by Eric Kripke ("The Boys"), "Supernatural" follows siblings and monster hunters Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), who have as much conflict with each other as they do with the paranormal threats they encounter.

While some fans think the show outstayed its welcome, others rode until the end of the line when "Supernatural" wrapped up its 15th season in late 2020 with an emotional conclusion. All told, the show ran for 327 episodes. While the universe of "Supernatural" continues with its spin-off, "The Winchesters," the original show is now over for good, allowing fans to dissect it. For example, many wonder whether any single character appeared in every episode. With so many episodes stretching across 15 years, you might not think any character has appeared in all of them. But there is, in fact, one person who crops up, without exception, at least once in every episode of "Supernatural."

Sam Winchester appears in every episode, but Dean doesn't

The Winchester brothers are the heart and soul of "Supernatural," literally going to hell and back for each other. But Sam has ever so slightly more screen time than his sibling. While Ackles and Padalecki appear in every episode of the show, only the character of Sam can claim the same.

The brothers appeared in almost every episode of "Supernatural." But that changed in the Season 14 premiere, "Stranger in a Strange World." "Supernatural" is full of bodily possessions, and some characters, such as the angel Castiel (Misha Collins), occupy another person's body. In the premiere episode of season 14, Dean's body becomes occupied by the angel Michael, and not once during its runtime does Dean gain control. So while Ackles gets plenty of screen time, the character of Dean is technically absent.

In a few episodes of "Supernatural," Padalecki has had less screen time than Dean — like when Dean time travels to the future. Sam has also been possessed by others plenty, and there have been times when Padalecki plays alternate versions of Sam, but there's never an entire episode without Sam.