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Debra Jo Rupp Got Emotional While Talking About Reuniting With Her Former Co-Stars For That '90s Show

In 2006, the cast of "That '70s Show" was done hanging out. But just when fans thought they'd seen the last of the Forman family's basement, it appears they're returning to Point Place, Wisconsin, just a few decades later. The show will live on through Netflix's upcoming sequel, "That '90s Show," which focuses on a new generation.

The series follows Leia Forman (Callie Haverda), the daughter of Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon), who visits her grandparents, Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp), for the summer. While at the elder Formans' home, she makes friends with a group of other teenagers.

"That '90s Show" will see Leia and her new friends take on the legacy of having fun and growing up, as we witnessed all those years ago on "That '70s Show." However, based on the trailer shown and casting announcements so far, "That '90s Show" is also an opportunity for a huge "That '70s Show" reunion. Besides Red and Kitty, viewers will see just how Eric, Donna, and the rest of the gang fared after the original series ended. Seeing the old cast together is one of the many reasons fans are excited about "That '90s Show." And for Rupp, reuniting with her former co-stars for "That '90s Show" was enough to get the actor a bit emotional.

Rupp described it as a weekly mini-reunion

In a move that's sure to get fans even more hype about "That '90s Show," Netflix released a special video titled "Interview from the Hair Chair" with Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith. It's a fantastic behind-the-scenes preview of the upcoming sitcom. As the two actors prep for filming, we get to see their chemistry with each other which should quickly bring up those familiar Kitty and Red Forman vibes from "That '70s Show." Rupp also answered a couple of questions about the cast of "The '90s Show." And while she deemed the new cast wonderful kids to work with, when it came to reuniting with her "That '70s Show" coworkers, you could see a wave of emotion and nostalgia wash over her face before happily talking about them.

"Seeing all the kids come back ... it was almost like no time had passed," Rupp said in the clip. "We have like a mini-reunion every week. It's just been amazing." The clip also shows off some new scenes featuring most of the returning cast, some of whom have already shared in getting emotional over the return to Point Place. For instance, it was revealed Laura Prepon cried on the first day on set for "That '90s Show." Prepon is, of course, reprising her role of Donna in the series, but she also directed some episodes (via Collider). It feels like "That '90s Show" is potentially going to hit every fan hard with a welcome nostalgia bomb. We can't wait to see the old "That '70s Show" cast all grown up and reunited.