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What Has DJ Qualls Been Doing Since Leaving Supernatural?

When DJ Qualls first appeared in "Supernatural," he easily could have been a one-and-done character. "The New Guy" actor portrayed Garth, a fellow hunter who became one of the most underrated characters of the series. His debut brings light and heart to one of the more disturbing episodes of "Supernatural" history in Season 7. Most of the episode revolves around Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Garth trying to take down a crossroads demon while Sam (Jared Padalecki) is brainwashed and gaslit by a love potion — regrettably played for laughs in a tone-deaf scenario.

Luckily, that isn't the last we see of Garth. The loveable hunter recurs in six episodes and even has an impressive character arc within that time. His misfortune of being bit by a werewolf introduces him to the love of his life, Bess (Sarah Smyth), and opens his mind to the fact that werewolves are capable of restraint. Qualls was an endearing addition to the cast for however short a period it was. Like many characters in the show, nothing lasts forever and the actor soon moved on to other projects following the end of "Supernatural."

Man In the High Castle took him by surprise

In Philip K. Dick's catalog of properties, "Man In the High Castle" is one of the best adaptations. Though it differs from its source material, the Amazon series condenses the dense material for the small screen. Set in a world where Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan won World War II, "Man In the High Castle" is an anti-fascist vehicle that is as relevant today as it was when the book was released. Each character casts a light on a different injustice, such as DJ Qualls' depiction of Ed McCarthy. And if this seems like a large undertaking, the actor would not disagree. At a panel for Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, Qualls described his initial difficulty making sense of the material.

"My manager puts me in a position where when things come across his desk we just refuse them to force an offer," Qualls told The Iris. "And on that job, it was a mistake because all of these actors had gone through like seven auditions and mix and match and ... all these tests. And I'd get there and don't realize how big the scope of the world is." A regular for three seasons, Ed represents a terrifying side of oppression. After his best friend Frank (Rupert Evans) is executed, Ed escapes to the neutral zone to avoid persecution for his sexual orientation. This conclusion is a surprisingly happy ending in a series full of death and destruction.

He is unrecognizable in Cabinet of Curiosities

With Guillermo del Toro's penchant for disconcerting yet lovable monsters, "Cabinet of Curiosities" should come as no surprise. There is no shortage of terrifying effects in the eight self-contained horror stories. DJ Qualls is one particularly upsetting creation, but you wouldn't know it to look at him. The actor plays one of the creepiest creatures, Jenkins Brown. In "Dreams In the Witch House," Jenkins is Keziah's (Lize Johnston) rat familiar with human-like features who has an interesting journey to screen.

"In the first draft of the script Jenkins Brown didn't talk," director Catherine Hardwicke acknowledged to Newsweek. "He was a way less prominent character than he is now but then Guillermo started getting very excited about Jenkins Brown, saying 'I want to get a really cool actor.'" And a cool actor they did receive. Qualls has gone on record saying how much he enjoys guest starring on various television shows and did not phone it in on this go-round.

"The actual actor, DJ Qualls, he's wearing all of the prosthetics," Hardwicke continued. "So his face is really DJ and he's doing all the movements and all the dialogue and everything." The dialogue and the end of the episode both prove that Jenkins is the real villain. Walter's (Rupert Grint) final fate is death after Jenkins burrows inside his chest and puppeteers his corpse, finally finding the human form he so greatly desires. As recent roles go, it is one of the most memorable.