Whatever Happened To Jamie And Candic From MTV's Catfish?

In 2016, "Catfish" hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph had a rather unique situation of deception on their hands with married military couple Candic and Jamie Palmer. In Season 5, Episode 16, Candic contacts the MTVĀ reality series for assistance in coming clean to Jamie about her recent bout of emotional cheating. Despite being married to him for seven years and sharing a young daughter, the 27-year-old McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, resident isn't able to connect with her husband on an emotional level.

Therefore, Candic confides in Titus, a man who took an interest in her via a retail website. The conversation transitioned from an inquiry about an item she was selling to Titus becoming her go-to confidant. However, Candic feels guilty about her interactions and calls on "Catfish" to help her confess. She also wants to know more about Titus, who she has never spoken to on the phone.

Schulman and Joseph do some digging and find some interesting results. On the retail app, Titus is using photos of a random Sacramento-based man. As for his username, Titus goes by Spencer D. After revealing this to Candic, she associates it with Spencer Duncan, a fellow soldier who died in Afghanistan.

Turns out, Titus is her husband, who wanted to test her fidelity. Once it was clear Candic wouldn't physically cheat, he planned to quit the ruse. However, she began opening up to her new friend like she never did with him, especially regarding her traumatic childhood. In the end, the couple makes amends, with Jamie vowing to be a better listener. In a two-month follow-up, they're still together and considering couples therapy. Joseph says, "I wish that all stories could end this happily."

However, did Candic and Jamie indeed have a happy ending going forward?

Candic and Jamie are still together thanks to Catfish

Those rooting for the marriage of Candic and Jamie will be thrilled to know that they are, in fact, still together in 2022. On Candic's Facebook page, her profile picture is a sweet shot of herself, Jamie, and their daughter smiling during an outdoor photoshoot. Her cover photo is one of the couple sharing a kiss while their daughter poses happily in front of them. Over the past year, she has posted several photos with her husband, including a woodsy stroll in June and a snuggled-up selfie in February. Jamie is also present on Candic's Twitter page.

Not only do things appear to be going well for the Palmers. They're also not forgetting the dynamic duo who helped them rekindle their marriage. In an interview with DC News Now, Candic said, "I'm not sure if it would have all came out if we didn't have Nev and Max there to help us. I'm not sure that I would have been able to hold up my end or if he would have been able to let me know."

She expressed her sadness in 2018 when Max Joseph decided to depart "Catfish" in order to pursue a career in filmmaking. In response to his announcement, Candic tweeted, "Nooooooo! He was my fav." Still, Joseph and Nev Schulman were able to help Candic recognize something that completely altered her marriage for the better. She told DC News Now, "... the biggest lesson in the whole show is that my husband was willing and able to communicate in a way that I thought he couldn't."

The Palmers' story even served as inspiration for other struggling couples, who messaged Candic about their own similar experiences. In fact, on Reddit, u/oakparkmall named their "Catfish" episode as the sweetest and most romantic installment.