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Desperation Road - What We Know So Far

Mel Gibson has lent his talents to many films throughout his career, with several of them achieving an abundance of critical acclaim (via Rotten Tomatoes). Another title with the Academy Award-winner on the roster that is looking to hopefully gain similar success is the live-action adaptation of the 2017 novel "Desperation Road."

Michael Farris Smith is the author responsible for the award-winning title "Rivers," which was released in 2013, and "The Great Gatsby" prequel called "Nick," which came out in 2021. The renowned author is not afraid to send his literary creations to the big screen as a few of his books are getting the live-action movie treatment, including his third novel, "Desperation Road." In a Facebook post on February 18, 2018, Smith announced that "Desperation Road" was making its way into the realm of cinema. Since then, information about the top-notch players involved has continued to roll out.

Gibson is one of the worthwhile names in the lineup for the "Desperation Road" feature whose screenplay was written by the author Smith himself — and those are just two of the talented names attached to the adaptation of the well-received story. This is one motion picture people may want to think twice about sleeping on, and there is a lot to talk about concerning what's going on with "Desperation Road."

When will Desperation Road be released?

While there is no official release window for the "Desperation Road" feature, there have been several indicators regarding the film's status that could possibly hint at when people will get to see it. The movie's producer and director, Nadine Crocker, has shown off images on her Instagram account, updating her followers about the production of the "Desperation Road" adaptation.

Of the many behind-the-scenes pictures she has posted, one that arguably stands out is an image with editor Jing Han in what appears to be an editing station with the caption saying, "Making director's cut in record time." Then around Christmas time, a picture of her watching a cut of the motion picture was displayed. All of this would probably lead many to believe that the film seems to be in the final stages, so it does seem like the wait will not be much longer for it to release.

Barring any unforeseen setbacks, a 2023 premiere date doesn't seem like it would be the craziest thing to speculate at this point, and it's wise to assume they will be looking to put it out there as soon as possible.

What is the plot of Desperation Road?

"Desperation Road" is an action thriller that takes place in a rugged town in the south. One day, things turn chaotic, resulting in a violent ordeal involving several different individuals, from ex-cons looking for redemption to a single mother with a troubled past (via IMDb). Viewers are in for a tale of vengeful acts, the anger that drives them, and folks dealing with the consequences of one's actions, whether good or tragic. The movie will attempt to provide the same powerful story the source material featured, which has undeniably resonated well with readers.

The book has received a lot of impressive acclaim and feedback from critics like The Durango Telegraph, who wrote, "It's a beautiful slice of life filled with honor, loyalty and bravery as exists among life as low as it can only be in Dixie." And the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also offered significant praise, stating, "Elegant prose and masterful storytelling transform this tale into a work of literary art." That kind of acclaim isn't usually just handed out, so it's safe to assume fans are in for a riveting narrative when they see the big screen take of "Desperation Road."

Who is starring in Desperation Road?

In October 2022, Variety announced that Mel Gibson and Garrett Hedlund had joined the cast of "Desperation Road." Hedlund will be playing the aforementioned former convict named Russell Gaines. Hedlund is known for roles in such films as "Tron: Legacy," "Troy," and "Four Brothers." In the story, the character Russell is in the process of getting his life back on track with the help of his dad Mitchell (played by Gibson).

In November 2022, it was revealed that Willa Fitzgerald would play Mabel, a single mom with a traumatic backstory, raising a seven-year-old daughter (via Deadline). Fitzgerald's other claims to fame include "Reacher," the "Scream" TV series, and "Savage Salvation." It was also announced that month that Kat Foster, who has previously worked with director Nadine Crocker on the movie "Continue," had joined the cast (per Deadline). She plays Dana, the ex-wife of a character played by actor Ryan Hurst who many fans know from playing Opie on "Sons of Anarchy." Also on the roster, according to IMDb, is "Country Comfort" actress Pyper Braun and "The Harder They Fall" actor Woody McClain.

There is no denying that there is some serious talent helping bring "Desperation Road" to life onscreen, and Crocker could not be more pleased with the people she got to work with. "I couldn't have dreamt of working with Mel Gibson, Garrett, and Ryan Hurst on my second film. It's been my wildest dreams come true," the filmmaker told Variety. "Our entire cast are some of my favorite creators in our industry!"

Who is directing Desperation Road?

As previously mentioned, Nadine Crocker will be directing the "Desperation Road" movie from a script written by the source material's author, Michael Farris Smith. The two will also be serving as its producers. For those unfamiliar with Crocker, the talented individual has been in the industry for several years, with credits dating back to 2008. In front of the camera, the actress's most notorious credits would arguably be the 2016 "Cabin Fever" movie, playing Scorcher in the "Supergirl" series, and as Dean in the film "Continue," in which she also served as writer, director, and producer (via IMDb).

Her directorial debut was a critically acclaimed success, and Crocker is looking to follow up that fantastic affair with the "Desperation Road" feature film. According to IMDb, one of the motion picture's producers is Cassian Elwes, whose credits include "The Butler" and "Mudbound." He believes the project will be something truly special with Crocker at the helm. "Nadine Crocker is one of the most exciting young directors to appear in my life in quite some time," Elwes told Variety. "With this cast and script, she is making something incredible."

Whether it's the people behind the scenes, the ones in front of the camera, or the gripping source material, there seems to be a vast array of reasons that "Desperation Road" is a must-watch flick.