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Pat Sajak Shocked Audiences With This One Cut Moment From Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune

There is no denying that there are a number of people out there who absolutely can't get enough of "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune." Many people that watch the game show with famous people spinning the wheel have come to know that not every entry will be the same, and some will even feature some almost NSFW moments from host Pat Sajak.

Whether they are breaking world records or surviving wardrobe malfunctions during "Wheel of Fortune," the fan favorites everyone knows as Pat Sajak and the lovely Vanna White rarely ever disappoint viewers whenever they tune in to see which contestant will solve the puzzle first.

After 40 seasons and thousands of episodes (via IMDb), one would think the two gameshow powerhouses would start getting stale or even boring with audiences. But the delightful duo somehow continuously manages to muster up that magic that successfully entertains viewers every time they show up on the screen, especially when they do what they do best on "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune." Not only do they keep people coming back for more, but sometimes they can cause quite a stir on screen, especially Mr. Sajak.

Sometimes, Pat Sajak can make "Wheel of Fortune" fans furious. The veteran TV star is no stranger to controversy, particularly in garnering a reaction from viewers. There happened to have been a moment during an episode of "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune" where the long-time host of the iconic game show said some things that many would classify as surprisingly unforgettable.

The Wheel of Fortune host has a lot to get off his chest

Joel Madden, the lead singer of Good Charlotte and host of the reality series "Ink Masters," was competing on an episode of "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune" that aired on October 23, 2022 (via IMDb). He posted a clip on Instagram from the entry, which featured a fascinating and eye-opening back and forth between the rock star and record-breaking game show host. Pat Sajak jokingly revealed to the host of the tattoo competition series that he once wanted to get a picture of his "Wheel of Fortune" partner in crime draped across his body. "I was going to have a little tattoo of Vanna put on my chest, but I didn't."

When Madden tried to reassure him that getting Vanna's image tatted on his body was still an option, Sajak eclipsed his first gut-busting comment with a side-splitting reason for not going through with it. "I was afraid it would take away from my nipple ring." Vanna White and the contestants found the entire ordeal hilarious, as did several people watching at home and the clip on social media.

And this isn't the first time Sajak has humorously mentioned getting some aspect of the show permanently plastered across his chest region. The renowned game show host once posted, "I'm beginning to regret getting the large Wheel of Fortune tattoo on my chest. Some of my wedges are starting to shift" (via Outsider.com). There is no telling what secrets the "Wheel of Fortune" host keeps close to his chest, and some would argue that may be a puzzle better left unsolved.