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Chicago Med's Jessy Schram Understands The Appeal Of An Archer/Asher Love Relationship

Relationships are one of the many fulcrums in which the popular television series "Chicago Med" spins. Besides the often high-stakes medical emergencies that require intelligence, resourcefulness, and aplomb, the doctors and support staff of "Chicago Med" are usually at least amiable with each other. One cannot be fighting with co-workers all of the time when lives are on the line, right? Besides friendships, "Chicago Med" also has its share of romantic entanglements, with the relationships between April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) and Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) tying the knot in Season 8.

Besides this marriage, "Chicago Med" has also seen plenty of new faces join the cast, with some individuals being connected to one of the current characters, like Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) who served in the Navy with Choi, to Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram), who made her first appearance in Season 5 but was later promoted to a full-time cast member in Season 7. Currently in a mid-season break, "Chicago Med" promises to really upset several dynamics on account of the final moments of the last current episode, with the Gaffney Medical Center falling under the control of a wealthy business investor who has already made some significant changes and hired their own doctors. However, it seems like "Chicago Med" fans may also have a new potential relationship on the horizon between Archer and Asher, and one that Schram understands well enough.

Schram hopes that Asher and Archer stay friends for as long as possible

In an interview with Variety, Jessy Schram explained that her character of Dr. Hannah Asher and Steven Weber's character of Dr. Dean Archer originally started off by butting heads and displaying a fair amount of antagonism. However, Schram feels like Asher has slowly chipped away at Archer's stone heart, and both characters have far more in common than one might realize at first glance. She then added that she thinks both Asher and Archer are coming from a wounded place and that both can relate to each other.

Schram continued, "But there are seeds that are being planted that are more in vulnerability and trust in this authentic relationship and if anything were to come from it, I don't think it would come from this lust-filled romance. I think it would come from this very honest, genuine, challenging space of two people that are coming from the same history that now have a place to reside in each other ... I don't think anything is ever off the table." 

Despite the amount of social media chatter that's pulling for Asher and Archer to end up in a romantic coupling, Schram said that it would be nice for the two characters to have a completely platonic relationship. Schram also believes that if a relationship were to ever happen between Asher and Archer, she hopes it stays a friendship as long as possible. Knowing "Chicago Med" though, only time will tell when it comes to the future of Archer and Asher.