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Snowfall Season 6 - What We Know So Far

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After more than five harrowing years, it's finally the end of the line for FX's "Snowfall." When the show first debuted in 2017, it offered an intriguing and gritty look at the criminal empire that dominated the 1980s Los Angeles cocaine epidemic — all from the perspective of an aspiring youth named Franklin Saint (Damson Idris). A lot has happened since then, with Franklin rising through the ranks and becoming a ruthless drug lord in his own right.

While the first five seasons of "Snowfall" have taken the characters along a roller-coaster ride of violence, betrayal, and tragedy, the story is finally reaching its final chapter. Back in April, "Snowfall" fans got the bittersweet news that the show was renewed for Season 6 — and it would be the series' last outing. While it's hard to deal with a beloved show ending, fans will be happy to hear that early details on the final installment of the series are looking promising and that it's shaping up to be a worthy conclusion. Here's everything we know so far about "Snowfall" Season 6, from when it releases to who will be starring in it.

When will Snowfall Season 6 be released?

Fans of "Snowfall" are in luck, as the premiere date for the sixth and final season has been announced by FX. The network revealed that the series will make its grand return on February 22, 2023 (via TV Line). It's going to be a super-sized night too, as the premiere will see the first two episodes of the season airing back-to-back, starting at 10/9c.

Following the premiere, "Snowfall" will undergo an interesting release strategy for the final slate of episodes. Subsequent episodes will continue to air on FX on the usual weekly basis, but fans who would rather binge this last installment of the crime show have another option as well. All 10 episodes of "Snowfall" Season 6 will apparently be available to stream the day after the premiere, February 23, on Hulu. There's already a bunch of new 2023 TV shows we can't wait to check out, but time must be set aside to see how "Snowfall" reaches its zenith.

What is the plot of Snowfall Season 6?

Those who have watched all of "Snowfall" Season 5 know that the season escalated things to a whole new degree for Franklin, as the kingpin decided to take a scorched earth approach to dealing with his enemies, most notably his nemesis Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson). Things are well past the point of no return for Franklin, and it seems that Season 6 will finally deliver on the bloody, violent, and conclusive conflict that's been brewing for years now.

The official synopsis for "Snowfall" Season 6 reveals that the events of the final installment will take place in October 1986 (via Collider). Things are great for drug partners Teddy and Louie (Angela Lewis), who are virtually dominating the business, but they aren't so great for Franklin. Having fallen so far from the grace of his role as the leader of The Family, he now must betray his former allies just to get by. Still, things are only set to get worse, as the tragic kingpin faces the simultaneous threats of the KGB, the DEA, the CIA, and the LAPD all hunting him down. As the final line of the synopsis reads: "When everyone has their backs against the wall, who will they become in order to survive?"

Who is starring in Snowfall Season 6?

"Snowfall" Season 6 is set to bring back most of the main cast from the previous installment of the series. Importantly, "Outside the Wire" star Damson Idris will return to anchor the show as its lead Franklin. "Very rarely does a TV show get to the sixth season mark, and saying goodbye to Franklin Saint will be heartbreaking," Idris said in a statement after the news of the show's renewal (via The Hollywood Reporter). "But the family and relationships I've made on this journey will last a lifetime."

Other returning cast members include Carter Hudson as Teddy, Sergio Peris-Mencheta as El Oso, Michael Hyatt as Franklin's mother Cissy, Amin Joseph as Uncle Jerome, Angela Lewis as Aunt Louie, Isaiah John as Leon Simmons, and Devyn Tyler as Franklin's girlfriend Veronique. While many familiar "Snowfall" faces will be back for the last season, there is one major player from Season 5 who will not be returning: Alon Aboutboul's Avi Drexler. The notorious drug lord was a victim of the bloody fallout in the Season 5 finale and his death means it's all but guaranteed he won't show up anywhere in the final season.

Where to watch previous seasons of Snowfall

For those that are a bit behind on "Snowfall" or for those that wish to carry out a rewatch marathon in order to prepare for the long-awaited Season 6, there are several options available for watching the first five seasons online. It's one of the many shows on Hulu as part of the service's FX on Hulu hub. Seasons 1 through 5 can all be watched with a basic subscription to Hulu. This option is especially appealing when considering that all 10 episodes of the sixth season will also be headed to the streaming service one day after the season premiere on FX (via TV Line).

As for fans that would rather outright purchase individual seasons or episodes of "Snowfall" to keep for themselves, the show is also available a la carte on several different services. Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu all have the first five seasons available to purchase in both standard-definition and high-definition options. Parts of "Snowfall" have also had a limited physical release on DVD, though it's substantially harder to come by in this form.

What is Snowfall rated?

"Snowfall" has a rating of TV-MA, indicating that the show is recommended for viewers at least 17 years of age and up. Per IMDb, the series features graphic depictions of sex and nudity, high amounts of severe violence and gore with numerous characters getting killed off, extensive use of profanity and hard swear words including the "F-Word," and common instances involving the use of drugs. In essence, it's just as gritty as a show about a drug kingpin dominating the crack cocaine industry would be expected to be.

Common Sense Media also recommended that individuals of age 17 and up can watch the show. As the site's official review states: "The characters are complex and live by ambiguous codes, but most seek personal gains by buying/selling drugs. Those old enough to handle it will find a series that's complex and intelligent, but sometimes hard to watch."