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HBO's Full Circle - What We Know So Far

HBO recently shared a first look at some of their upcoming returning and debuting original series, all set to arrive on the network in 2023 (via Twitter). Represented among these short snippets of shows were Season 4 of the critically acclaimed drama "Succession," Season 2 of Issa Rae's "Rap Sh!t," and Season 4 of "Barry" (Bill Hader's dramedy about an assassin turned amateur actor).

There were also several new, highly anticipated series briefly showcased. Sam Levinson ("Euphoria") and Abel Tesfaye's "The Idol" made an appearance after becoming the center of a conversation about Hollywood "nepo babies" due to statements made by star Lily-Rose Depp (via BuzzFeed News). Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin's video-game adaptation "The Last of Us" also appeared, already ramping up to be one of the biggest shows of the new year.

One featured series that fans may not be as familiar with was "Full Circle," a star-studded crime series presumably still in production. Though it might not be as immediately flashy as "Succession" or "The Idol," "Full Circle" boasts a creative mind trust previously behind several exciting entertainment projects.

What is Full Circle about?

The seemingly official plot blurb of "Full Circle" (as seen on the show's IMDb page and numerous Deadline releases reads: "An investigation into a botched kidnapping uncovers long-held secrets connecting multiple characters and cultures in present day New York City." This investigation will almost certainly be run by the United States Postal Investigation Service, a federal law enforcement agency that deals strictly with matters involving the USPS. Two leading cast members have been said to be portraying members of this agency.

The kidnapping is said to be centered around the grandson of a famous celebrity chef, though it's likely this criminal plot will have more complexity to it as the story unfolds. Two other storylines teased in casting announcements were a New York organized crime ring and a prominent multigenerational Manhattan business — run by one of the series' leading actors. Given the performers are already confirmed to be involved with these three storylines, a majority of the plot will likely involve interaction between these three branches of the story.

Who stars in Full Circle?

Several high-profile performers have been attached to the series, though its currently unclear how big of a role some of them will play. "Joker" and "Atlanta" star Zazie Beetz was the first announced to be joining, and is said to be leading the series as Harmony, an agent working for the United States Postal Inspection Service (via Deadline). Starring opposite Beetz as Sam, a Manhattan lawyer and businesswoman, is Claire Danes, who is most widely known for previously starring in the critically acclaimed Showtime series, "Homeland" (via Deadline). "Justified" star and newly minted "Star Wars" alum Timothy Olyphant will play her husband, Derek (via Deadline).

Also joining in a leading capacity is Dennis Quaid of "The Right Stuff" fame. He will play a celebrity chef whose family falls victim to a criminal plot (via Deadline). Emmy-winner Jharrel Jerome is said to be 45re2/.playing a member of the New York criminal underworld (via Deadline). He is best known for playing historical figure Korey Wise in the Netflix series "When They See Us," which told the real-life story of the wrongfully convicted Central Park Five. Comedian Jim Gaffigan is the most recent addition to the core cast as Harmony's USPIS supervisor, Manny Broward (via Deadline).

Adia ("The Midnight Club"), Happy Anderson ("Mindhunter," "Bright"), Sheyi Cole ("Small Axe"), C.C.H. Pounder ("Avatar," "NCIS: New Orleans"), and William Sadler (the "Bill and Ted" series, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine") have joined the series in undisclosed roles (via Deadline).

When will Full Circle be released?

The release date for "Full Circle" is currently unknown, though its IMDb page suggests that the series will debut sometime next year (2023). The New York Daily News shared set photos from the series in October of 2022, meaning that production is well under way. "Full Circle" was also still casting extras in November of this year to film scenes involving "upscale Guyanese business associates, party guests, and bodyguards" later that same month (via Backstage).

Given these facts, it's likely the series will release sometime in the later half of 2023. Fans can already catch a glimpse of what the series will look like through the recently released first look sizzle reel from HBO. Alongside quick shots from other upcoming series, cast members including Claire Danes, Dennis Quaid, and Happy Anderson can be seen in their "Full Circle" roles (via HBO on Twitter). In response to seeing the network's full lineup, some fans on social media expressed very positive feelings. @charlieray47 said HBO's 2023 slate made them "extremely excited," while @JakeBennett255 wrote "HBO is where its at in 2023!"

Who is the creative team behind Full Circle?

Having previously collaborated on the 2021 HBO crime-thriller "No Sudden Move," Steven Soderbergh reunites with Ed Solomon and Casey Silver on "Full Circle" (per Deadline). Soderbergh will serve as the show's director across its six-episode run. In addition to directing the 2011 film "Contagion" (which saw some eerie relevance in the early 2020s), Soderbergh is known for helming well known projects like the "Ocean's Eleven" trilogy and "Magic Mike."

Soderbergh will executive produce "Full Circle" alongside Silver, a prominent Hollywood exec who once served as chairman and CEO of Universal Pictures. In 2018, he produced the HBO mystery series "Mosaic." Solomon will serve as series scribe, having also written several episodes of "Mosaic" as well as the "Bill and Ted" series of films, the original "Men In Black," and "Now You See Me." Zack Ryan is set to score the series. He most recently provided additional music for the 2022 reboot of "Fraggle Rock," but is best known for his work on feature films like "Dear John" and the iteration of "Jack Reacher" starring Tom Cruise (via IMDb).