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Who Does Terry Crews Play In Deadpool 2?

The new trailer for Deadpool 2 is loaded with intriguing details, and it may have confirmed one of the bigger mysteries about the cast.

We first found out that Terry Crews (The Expendables, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) is in the Deadpool sequel when he surprisingly showed up in the first trailer released a month ago. Although neither Marvel nor 20th Century Fox announced his character, it was immediately clear that he's most likely one of the members of X-Force — a far more aggressive team of heroes than the X-Men. 

But the new trailer offers a better look at Crews and seems to indicate that he's playing Bedlam, a mutant who's been a part of X-Force in the comics. The best clue comes when Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is shuffling through headshots of potential X-Force members. The first photo he looks at seems to depict Crews and it's labeled "Bedlam." Take a look in our gallery of images from the trailer.

Created by John Francis Moore and Jim Cheung, the character first appeared in a 1995 issue of Factor X during the "Age of Apocalypse" crossover. He has the ability to create and project an electromagnetic field that allows him to disrupt electronic systems, blast EMPs and trigger spasms to induce pain or paralysis. 

Bedlam has a strong history with Domino (Zazie Beetz), who helped him find his long-lost brother. But he also has a connection to another character the trailer may have teased. The second headshot Deadpool looks at is of a normal looking guy named Peter (Rob Delaney). That could be Pete Wisdom, another occasional ally of the X-Men who can throw energy blades from his fingers. In the comics, Pete helps Bedlam hone his powers and teaches him martial arts. 

As for the other new characters in the trailer, there's reason to believe Shioli Kutsuna (The Outsider) is playing Surge, a character who can manipulate electricity, while Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople) looks like he could portray Thunderbird or Armageddon Man.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed yet, so we've got a little more time to put together theories. Deadpool 2 will hit theaters on May 18.