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Why Patrick Bateman Ended Up On The Cutting Room Floor Of Rules Of Attraction

Roger Avary, the Oscar-winning co-writer of "Pulp Fiction," brought to life another fragmented story of complex characters with his 2003 adaptation, "The Rules of Attraction." While the film was not a huge critical success upon release, it has become a cult classic — even The AV Club added it to their New Cult Canon series. With its star-studded cast featuring James Van Der Beek, Shannyn Sossamon, Jessica Biel, and Kate Bosworth, fans have sought out the dark comedy about the trials and tribulations of young people in college.

Based on Bret Easton Ellis' 1987 novel of the same name, the author cites "The Rules of Attraction" as the adaptation of his work he thinks translated to film best. He told Creative Loafing Atlanta, "It was the only one that captured the sensibility of the novel in a cinematic way." The author picked the adaptation over the "American Psycho" film adaptation.

Ellis published "American Psycho" in 1991: Its 2000 film adaptation led to Christian Bale's iconic portrayal of Patrick Bateman. By many, the film is considered a classic. Some even say the film adaptation is better than the book. But some don't know that Ellis' novels tend to exist in the same universe, with Patrick Bateman being the older brother to Sean Bateman, the lead character in "The Rules of Attraction." When Avary adapted "Rules of Attraction" into a film, he wanted Patrick to be in the film, connecting these movie characters you never knew were related.

Casper Van Dien stepped into the role of Patrick Bateman for the cut scene

Unfortunately, "American Psycho" and "The Rules of Attraction" didn't get a crossover. The production cut a scene featuring Sean Bateman (James Van Der Beek) talking to his brother Patrick Bateman in "The Rules of Attraction." However, they shot the scene, and those curious can watch it online. Casper Van Dien from "Starship Troopers" portrays the role of Patrick Bateman.

Avary reached out to Bale about returning to the role for a cameo in the film. Bale declined to appear in the film out of respect to director Mary Harron and her film adaptation of "American Psycho." Bale's version of Patrick Bateman could have appeared in "Rules of Attraction" as Lionsgate had the rights to "American Psycho" too.

Sadly, the filmed scene with Van Dien was cut. In the deleted footage, Sean calls Patrick and asks for money. Prior to answering the call, Patrick makes cryptic references to murder in his tape recorder. Soon, the conversation between the brothers turns sour quickly. After a tiff about Patrick calling up Sean's college advisor, Patrick declines to give Sean more money. Sean ends the call and smashes the pay phone against the wall. There are rumors that there was another Patrick Bateman scene, but no further footage has been leaked.