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Cobra Kai Trailer: Johnny Becomes A Sensei In Karate Kid Sequel Series

Apparently the past three decades haven't been kind to the bully from The Karate Kid. But things are starting to look up.

There's a new trailer for Cobra Kai, the upcoming Karate Kid sequel series coming to YouTube Red, and it reveals that Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) might not be the star of the show. Instead, the series is focused on the reformed bully Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and his new endeavor: reopening the notorious Cobra Kai dojo.

Set 34 years after the events of the 1984 flick that caused kids everywhere to stand on one leg and kick everything in striking distance, the new series finds Johnny as a washed-up drunk trying to figure out what to do with his life. After a run-in with some teenage punks, he's inspired to bring back Cobra Kai and teach a new generation of kids how to defend themselves. 

However, this doesn't sit well with Daniel, who is now living a comfortable life with his family and karate chopping prices at his chain of car dealerships. 

Written and executive produced by Josh Heald (Hot Tub Time Machine), Jon Hurwitz (American Reunion) and Hayden Schlossberg (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), the series is a goldmine of nostalgia. In the trailer, we see plenty of references to the original movie including Johnny's sleeveless Cobra Kai gi, Daniel's headband from Mr. Miyagi, and the skeleton costume from the memorable Halloween scene. 

Cobra Kai will debut next month at the Tribeca Film Festival, then hit YouTube Red sometime after that.