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Avatar 3's Story Takes A 'Hard Left Turn' According To The Way Of Water Star Jack Champion

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "Avatar: The Way of Water."

Thirteen years after its predecessor's debut, "Avatar: The Way of Water" finally made its long-awaited premiere in theaters. And while time will tell if the sequel succeeds past the first film's record-breaking box office performance, we at least know that "Avatar: The Way of Water" has made quite a splash with fans. Many early reactions on Twitter praised "Avatar: The Way of Water," and the movie currently has a 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The film dazzles, of course, with its gorgeous visuals. Yet fans may have also taken to its story trying to highlight a new generation of characters and provide many unexpected twists.

One character that embodies both of these plot qualities is Spider, played by actor Jack Champion. On the surface, Spider is a human raised on Pandora who has tried to adopt the Na'vi ways and remain loyal to Jake Sully's family. However, as the film runs, we soon learn more about his unique relationship with one of the first film's main characters, which feels like a punch to the gut when ultimately revealed. But according to Champion, we may have seen nothing just yet, as according to the actor, the story for "Avatar 3" will shift into another massive turn. 

Champion said to expect a shocking wrecking ball for Avatar 3's plot

"Avatar: The Way of Water" hasn't been in theaters too long, but that hasn't already stopped fans from thinking about the next movie in the series. With there already being a pre-edited cut of "Avatar 3" with a tulkun-sized runtime that needs to be whittled down, it seems the movie is at least a guarantee. Jack Champion noted to The Hollywood Reporter that he simultaneously worked on "The Way of Water, along with "Avatar 3" and "Avatar 4." And according to him, when it comes to the story of the upcoming threequel, we can expect the unexpected. Champion told THR much like being introduced to the oceanic Metkayina, "Avatar 3" will explore other Pandora regions and cultures. Still, beyond that, everything may be in for a shake-up.

"I was very shocked by [Avatar 3]," Champion said to THR. "It just takes a hard left turn, and that's not a bad thing. You think you know where it's going, but then a wrecking ball comes. So you're completely like, 'Oh wow, I never thought that would've happened.'" It's ironic that Champion would share that type of insight into "Avatar 3," considering that his character gives some of the biggest surprises in "The Way of the Water." 

For one, his character Spider is the biological son of the antagonist Quaritch (Stephen Lang). And after Quaritch's climactic fight with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) during the ending, despite all his villainous actions, Spider saves his father from drowning. So we have to wonder, does the surprising direction for "Avatar 3" further involve Spider and Quaritch? We'll have to wait and see.