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What Does Cesar Millan Have To Say About His South Park Parody Episode?

"South Park" has made a name for itself by spoofing celebrities and pop culture since 1997. Seemingly no one is ever safe from its wrath. Tom Cruise and Kanye West were featured in some of the major celebrity spoof storylines throughout the show's run. The Cruise spoof created drama regarding the depiction of Scientology that eventually led to the character of Chef being written off the show. Due to the show's format of each episode being made within the week before it airs, the writers behind the series are able to keep up with what's fresh in pop culture week-to-week, allowing for timely celebrity parodies.

In 2006, Cesar Millan had reached success and fame with his popular National Geographic show, "The Dog Whisperer." Running from 2004 to 2012, Millan shared his behavioral training expertise in the field of canines, making his training methods part of the cultural lexicon. Even Millan was not safe from "South Park" and its devil-may-care satire.

In the Season 10 episode entitled "Tsst," a nod to the sound Millan made when reprimanding dogs in training, Millan is brought in by Liane Cartman to help train her son Eric to be a little less of a sociopath. After putting bullies through a "Saw" inspired form of torture, Liane seeks help from "Supernanny." When Eric puts a nanny in a mental health institute, Liane turns to "The Dog Whisperer" for help. Millan has seen the episode in which he is depicted, and he had some thoughts for the "South Park" team.

Cesar Millan thinks South Park did a great job representing him and his techniques

Cesar Millan loves the episode "Tsst" of "South Park," in which he is spoofed. He credits the episode with being even more successful than his own show, saying it brought him a new audience. In a video posted to Millan's YouTube account, he expressed a message of gratitude to show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, "Matt, Trey ... I think I'm more famous from the 'South Park' episode than from my own show, so thank you guys." He reacted to the entire episode, laughing his way through nearly every scene. "They did an incredible job of representing exactly what I do," Millan said of the episode.

Millan said that even down to the clothes and the goatee, the show nailed his look in the 2006 parody of "The Dog Whisperer." Millan continued to break down his dog training tips and tools and how the show employed them accurately when the cartoon Millan is dealing with Eric Cartman. Millan seemed to be very excited and thrilled by the fact that "South Park" portrayed him using the exact techniques he used in his show from moment one in the episode.

When he broke down how he in real life would handle Cartman if he were a dog, it mirrored the way the show actually portrayed him. "They did such a good job, everything is perfection," Millan said. In addition to his gratitude for how he is represented in the episode, Millan offers his service to the creators if they ever need help with a dog at the end of the video. In this case, the spoof appeared to be fruitful for everyone involved.