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Stranger Things Season 2 Almost Had Eleven Take A Dark Turn

"Stranger Things" is arguably the most popular project Netflix has come out with. For four seasons, viewers have tuned in to see the continuing adventures of a group of kids in Hawkins, Indiana who get caught up in an inter-dimensional battle against terrifying monsters and government conspiracies. At the center of this battle is the kids' secret weapon — Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). 

After being experimented on, she's been imbued with incredible powers that have made her an asset time and time again when going up against deadly beings from the Upside Down. Eleven has been through a lot, and chances are good she'll go through even more when she encounters her deadliest foes when "Stranger Things" Season 5 eventually comes around. 

While she's a fan-favorite character, it's possible viewers would feel differently toward Eleven had the writers of "Stranger Things" gone through with one of their original plans for the character. As revealed on Twitter via Variety, the writers originally wanted Eleven to mercy-kill her own mother.

The writers wisely chose something different

On the official "Stranger Things" writers page on Twitter, they wrote, "Crazy s*** that almost happened #2: In season 2, Eleven was going to mercy kill her mother." In that particular season, Eleven tracks down her biological mother named Terry (Aimee Mullins). When she eventually finds her, she discovers Terry's in a catatonic state. Eleven's able to access her memories and uncovers that she was experimented on in Dr. Brenner's (Matthew Modine) lab. It's a heartwrenching moment that would've been made even more unbearable if Eleven went through with dispatching her mom. 

It's a good thing the writers decided not to go through with the decision. Underneath the original tweet, there are a ton of fan responses, with most people merely expressing their shock with one-word statements like "WHAT" and "HUH." Twitter user @KylerSimone even wrote, "glad that didn't happen because I don't think she would ever recover from that."

"Stranger Things" is no stranger to dark storylines, but having Eleven kill her mother may have been a step too far. After all, there's bound to be more death and mayhem once "Stranger Things" Season 5 debuts sometime in the next couple of years.