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Stanger Things Actor Dacre Montgomery Managed To Snag Some Billy Memorabilia From Set

"Stranger Things" has a funny way of making fans fall in love with dirtbags, as seen with Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery). Introduced in the second season of the hit Netflix series, Billy is Max Mayfield's (Sadie Sink) unruly stepbrother. While he certainly charms the pants off of almost anyone in Hawkins, Billy initially acts as a threat to the main group of heroes, attacking Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) for getting close to Max and nearly beating Steve (Joe Keery) to death. Later, he winds down on his antagonistic behavior toward the group while working as a lifeguard for Hawkins. Viewers also learn more about his rough background involving his parents' divorce and his father's abusive tendencies. 

Sadly, Billy couldn't be apart of the grand-scaled events of the show's record-breaking fourth season (via IndieWire), which ended on a major cliffhanger. In the show's Season 3 finale, after having been released from the control of the Mind Flayer, Billy sacrifices himself to the enemy in an effort to protect Eleven, leaving Max in a dark place come Season 4. Although Billy is no longer part of "Stranger Things," Montgomery still holds on to his memories of working on the beloved series with some key pieces of memorabilia. 

Montgomery chose to keep one of Billy's simpler look

"Stranger Things" is a show jam-packed with colorful costumes that any fan would give an arm or leg for. Lucky for Dacre Montgomery, he got a chance to take home a piece of this wardrobe. For those thinking he'd take home one of Billy's wicked jean jackets, what the actor actually took home may come as a surprise. 

On an Ask Me Anything Reddit thread featuring much of the cast of the show's third season, Montgomery was asked by Redditor u/Pmonstah4, "Did you keep anything from the set? Is there anything you would have liked to take home but didn't?" Montgomery answered, "I actually took Billy's tank top and a pack of Marlboro red cigarettes." It may seem like a shock to imagine abandoning such a colorful wardrobe for something as plain as a tank top, but to Montogomery, the outfit probably felt more fitting to the character, who he worked hard to humanize throughout the show. 

"I think humanizing the villain is the most organic way to represent someone," Montgomery said in an interview with CBS Mornings, "like we can't be good and bad. We all have qualities of both."