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Every Theory On Who Fathered Kiri (& Why She's Different) In Avatar 2

The following contains spoilers for "Avatar: The Way of Water."

It's all about the kids in "Avatar: The Way of Water." While Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) still get a good chunk of attention, one could make the argument that the kids have really taken over as protagonists in this story. Jake and Neytiri have three kids of their own, but they've adopted one more in the form of Kiri (Sigourney Weaver). And Kiri has one of the most interesting backstories in a science-fiction story in recent memory. 

Kiri came from the inert avatar body of Grace Augustine (Weaver). Augustine died in the battle of Pandora in the first "Avatar" movie, which rendered her avatar brain-dead. Still, this body was pregnant with Kiri and eventually gave birth. Jake and Neytiri raised Kiri like one of their own, but it raises an interesting question in the film where characters wonder who Kiri's birth father is. It's a question that doesn't receive an answer in the movie, with writer/director James Cameron seemingly content to draw it out across multiple installments. 

But still, we can't help but ruminate on who Kiri's father is and what it means for her special powers.

The kids think Kiri's father is Norm

One possible theory presents itself in "Avatar: The Way of Water" itself. While investigating a research station, some of the Sullies suggest that Kiri's father could be Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore). Norm even appears on a screen, where one character points out how he gives Grace Augustine a lovely glance, almost insinuating the two have a romantic secret between them. 

On the surface, it makes sense. The two worked very closely together, and Norm also had an avatar body he used to traverse Pandora. Is it possible the two had a romantic entanglement one evening, resulting in Kiri? 

It's a nice theory, and it's the most straightforward, which probably means it isn't right. James Cameron wouldn't stretch a mystery into multiple films just to have the most obvious answer be the correct one. After all, the two sharing romantic feelings for one another is an interpretation from the children, so who knows if it even existed in the first place.

Could her parentage be more mythological?

There are plenty of other corporeal father figures we could mention, like Quaritch (Stephen Lang) or Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi). But honestly, those would just be shots in the dark. If the father isn't Norm, then we need to look into the possibility that Kiri was an immaculate conception. Jesus Christ allegories are all the rage in Hollywood, after all. 

More specifically, Kiri could be a byproduct of the ceremony in the first "Avatar" movie, where Jake attempts to transfer Grace's consciousness into her avatar body through Eywa, which is the guiding force of all life on Pandora. The Na'vi believe that all living creatures will return to Eywa upon their death before coming back as living matter. 

It's entirely possible that Grace's life force left her body and returned to Eywa, only to come back as a fetus inside Grace's avatar body. Such an act would help explain why Sigourney Weaver returned to play Kiri. Without a direct father, Kiri would mostly be made up of Grace's genetic material, essentially making her a clone of the character. And since she's a direct byproduct of Eywa's power, it explains why Kiri has special abilities no other Na'vi appears to have.

What powers does Kiri possess?

Kiri has all the characteristics of a human/Na'vi hybrid, namely five fingers and eyebrows. But she also possesses powers that go far beyond what she should have, especially as a teenager. She has a clear special connection with Eywa and all life on Pandora, as evidenced when she says this to Jake, "Dad, I know you think I'm crazy, but I feel her. Eywa. I hear her breathing. I hear her heartbeat. She's so close. She's just there. Like a word about to be spoken."

She also has a stronger bond with the wildlife of Pandora. Not only is she able to mount creatures with greater ease than her siblings, but she's also able to give them commands to follow. We see this in action toward the end of the movie, where she guides the glowing sea creatures to go into the ship's wreckage to guide her family out. 

This connection with the environment is further seen when Kiri gets made fun of for simply staring at the sand. While others don't understand her, she feels deeply for what's around her, and it's possible that's due to the fact she's Eywa incarnate. This is all merely speculation, but rest assured, more answers will come once we get "Avatar 3" and beyond.