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Nightflyers: First Look At The Syfy Series From The Creator Of Game Of Thrones

Space can be a dangerous place. But is it more perilous than Westeros?

Syfy released a first look at the upcoming adaptation of George R.R. Martin's 1980 novella Nightflyers and it's definitely got an Alien vibe going for it. If Martin's name looks familiar to you, it should. He's the author of the books that inspired HBO's Game of Thrones

The teaser released to USA Today features both footage from the 10-episode first season and behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew. Martin himself makes an appearance, promising that the show will be a "haunted house story on a starship" and "Psycho in space." Clearly, Martin has been working on his pull-quotes.

The series is set 75 years in the future as a group of scientists embark on a mission aboard the starship Nightflyer in order to make first contact with an alien race that's been discovered in the far reaches of our solar system. 

The leader of the expedition is astrophysicist Karl D'Branin (Eoin Bracken), who discovered the object that led to the discovery. He's joined by the ship's captain Roy Eris (David Ajala), who communicates only through technical interfaces; a telepath named Thale (Sam Strike), who might be the crew's only chance to communicate with the aliens; and psychiatrist Dr. Agatha Matheson (Gretchen Mol), there to keep Thale from going rogue. 

Of course, Nightflyers isn't Game of Thrones when it comes to budget or scale, but new showrunner Jeff Buhler (who replaced Daniel Cerone after his recent exit) said the series does tap into "those pieces of story DNA" that are inherent in Martin's work — and that includes a complete lack of safety for the characters. "We're not afraid to lose people when it works for the story," Buhler said. "Especially in horror, it's nice to know that anyone can go at any time."

We'll find out who we probably shouldn't get attached to when the first season of Nightflyers premieres on Syfy this fall.