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Wildling Trailer Tracks A Teenager's Monstrous Coming Of Age

Every teen's a wildling, in their own unique way — but it's usually not so literal.

IFC Midnight is preparing to release the horror movie Wildling, following the story of a young girl growing up to discover she might be something inhuman — and you can watch the trailer for the creepy coming-of-age tale now.

Starring Bel Powley, Wildling is another story about growing up that mines horror for metaphor — like Ginger Snaps, but without the comic relief, or Raw, with less of the cannibalism. 

Powley stars as Anna, a young girl who suffers through a traumatic childhood of isolation and evident abuse, cared for until age 16 by a stranger she knows only as Daddy. Growing up, she is kept confined to a locked attic, warned about a child-eating monster called the Wildling that supposedly stalks the woods outside. 

When Anna is freed from captivity by a small-town sheriff named Ellen, she thinks her troubles are over — but as her body begins to develop into a form that's less of a woman and more of a werewolf, she and her caretakers are forced to confront the nightmarish secret of her monstrous true identity.

An English actress, Powley previously appeared in the movies The Diary of a Teenage Girl, A Royal Night Out, and Carrie Pilby. She also has a role opposite Matthew McConaughey in the upcoming White Boy Rick.

In addition to Powley, Wildling also stars Brad Dourif, Collin Kelly-Sordelet, and Liv Tyler. It is the directorial debut of Fritz Böhm, who previously worked as a producer for Desperados on the Block and A Family of Three. Böhm also wrote the screenplay for the feature with the artist Florian Eder. 

Wildling is being distributed by IFC Midnight, and is set to debut in theaters and on VOD on April 13. Check out the poster for the picture down below.