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Who Played Kelly Davidson On Blue Bloods?

When "Blue Bloods" first premiered in 2010, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) frequently had press conferences related to cases they were working on. One of the loudest voices at the press conferences was often television reporter Kelly Davidson, a stunning blond who wasn't afraid to ask tough questions. In Season 1, Episode 2 ("Samaritan"), a good Samaritan who shot and killed gang members terrorizing the subway riders turns himself into Davidson, giving her an exclusive interview.

After some discrete contact, we quickly discover that something is going on between Frank and Davidson, and no one in the Reagan family knows about it. While Davidson clearly likes Frank, it becomes clear her job as a reporter sometimes interferes with their relationship. She sabotages their relationship when she takes something he said during a private dinner and uses it to scoop the competition for a story. Frank clearly feels betrayed and ends their relationship. After five episodes, we never saw Kelly Davidson again. For those wondering who the actress is that got so close to Frank's heart, her name is Andrea Roth.

She's best known for Rescue Me and horror films

Andrea Roth has been a television fixture for 37 years, after she first got her start in television at age 21, playing Anna in an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." She quickly followed up this appearance with guest roles in "Night Heat," "C.B.C.'s Magic Hour," and "Friday the 13th: The Series." Like many other aspiring actors, she started out in horror films, with parts in "The Jitters" and "The Psychic." While continuing to build up her resume, Roth also took on small roles in "The Hitchhiker," "Highlander," and "Murder She Wrote" (via IMDb).

In 1995, she co-starred in the Emmy Award-winning miniseries, "A Woman of Independent Means." Roth played Eleanor, the daughter of Sally Field's character, Bess Steed. She then returned to her horror roots with the role of Victoria Chase in "The Collector," while also co-starring in the drama "Rescue Me," playing Denis Leary's estranged wife, Janet (via IMDb). Her most recent role was as Noelle Davis on the series "13 Reasons Why," and while she doesn't seem to have anything currently lined up, it's possible she's just taking a well-deserved break.