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Redditors Think They Found A Plot Hole In Avatar: The Way Of Water

After keeping fans waiting for 13 years, James Cameron is once again redefining the term "blue screen" with his newest aquatic adventure, "Avatar: The Way of Water." The film, which sees Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and his family leaving the sanctity of their forest home to live with an ocean tribe of Na'vi people in order to escape a vengeful Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang), began development shortly after the monumental 2009 release of the first "Avatar," alongside its additional sequels (via Variety). Following a series of delays, the film is finally out for the world to see in all its 3D glory.

While the first "Avatar" has never been seen as a groundbreaking feat of storytelling, the visuals and worldbuilding introduced in it have been more than enough to satisfy moviegoers. This appears to be the case for its sequel as well, with its Rotten Tomatoes consensus stating, "Narratively, it might be fairly standard stuff — but visually speaking, 'Avatar: The Way of Wateris a stunningly immersive experience." But it seems that even the most jaw-dropping visuals on earth can do little to hide a notable plot hole regarding the film's final act that fans simply cannot ignore. 

The following contains spoilers for "Avatar: The Way of Water."

Where did the Metkayina tribe go during the final battle?

The third act of "Avatar: The Way of Water" sees a grand-scaled battle take place between the Na'vi and Colonel Quaritch's gang. But for those who think that the newly-introduced Metkayina Na'vi ocean tribe would be by Jack Sully's side, think again. On a Reddit thread discussing the film, Redditor u/johannwolf points out, "Maybe I missed it but does anyone know where the Sea Na'vi people went halfway through the 3rd act?" They go on to describe how the Metkayina disappear following their fight to protect the whale-like Tulkuns, leaving Sully and his family to go against Quaritch's gang alone. 

Other fans chimed in, coming up with their own justifications for the absence of the Metkayina during the fight. Many saw it as the Metkayina people looking out for themselves, such as Redditor u/aidad, who says, "I took it as they were only interested in saving the whale and the other sea girl." Redditor u/No_Explorer_8626 came to a similar judgment, commenting, "My best conclusion is they got their kidnapped child back and their fight was over."

However, u/Surrideo offers a unique rebuttal, seeing the storytelling purpose for this, stating, "Honestly, I think it was an intended plot hole because Cameron wanted to focus on the family unit ... All of that would have been mute had the sea tribe stayed." Whichever way you see it, we know that this is far from the last we'll see from the Metkayina tribe. 

The Metkayina still have an important place down the line

While the Metkayina could have had a more active hand in the final act of "Avatar: The Way of Water," this is far from a reflection of their involvement throughout the rest of the franchise. With the end of "Way of Water" confirming that the Metkayina will be helping Jake Sully in his ongoing battle against humanity and director James Cameron confirming that "Avatar 3" will be coming out at the very least (via /Film), it seems that we've only touched the surface of what the water-bound tribe has to offer. 

Kate Winslet, who portrays the Metkayina chief's wife Ronal in "Way of Water," says that her character, in particular, is a crucial piece of the puzzle in the future of the "Avatar" universe. In an interview with Variety, the "Titanic" star comments, "Whilst my role is actually relatively small comparative to the lengthy shoot (I will only have around one month with Jim [Cameron] and the principal actors), it is a pivotal character in the ongoing story." 

James Cameron and pulse-pounding finales are a match made in heaven, so hopefully, whatever the Metkayina tribe have up their slippery sleeves will make up for any plot hole complaints they may have initiated.