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Yellowjackets Has Already Been Renewed For Season 3

Since its premiere on Showtime in late 2021, "Yellowjackets" has become a compelling dramatic serial that enthralls its viewers with the convergence of multiple genres. The show is a traditional drama as it follows the bonds of friendship between a set of all-female high school soccer players, both in the 1990s and the 2020s. But there are also elements of horror, dark humor, and tragedy as the friends come to terms with the 1996 plane crash that left them stranded in the forest. As the first season of the series unfolded, the writers took their time in exploring the mysteries between the friends that became more beguiling as the episodes unfurled.

The dynamics between both the adult and younger cast playing the girls in two different decades became just as addictive as the creepy antics surrounding the crash site. Audiences will get to find out where the events and revelations of the first installment will lead when "Yellowjackets" Season 2 premieres on March 26, 2023. The program is such a hit for the premium cable network that a second installment was ordered before the first concluded its run. With the prospect of a third installment looming, it has now been confirmed by Deadline that renewal has come even earlier — over three months before the second batch of episodes starts airing.

Cast options and availability could have been one deciding factor for an early Season 3 renewal

According to Deadline, "Yellowjackets" will receive a Season 3, and this nearly matches the timing of the Season renewal in late 2021. The even earlier pickup for more episodes a few months before the second season debuts could be part of a timing strategy on Showtime's part. Writing for the publication, Nellie Andreeva stated, "I hear they [Showtime] were tied to the yearly deadline for picking up the cast's options, which are up in mid-December." Regardless of actor scheduling and availability, Deadline also shared how the move could also be in keeping with the new mission statement of Chris McCarthy, who has a bold, new vision for CBS Entertainment, which Showtime falls under.

As far as what could be explored in a third outing of the drama series, it is anybody's guess since we are still a few months away from even seeing the premiere of Season 2. In a teasing tweet of what to possibly expect, Showtime shared on Twitter, "Already anticipating a Season 2 cliffhanger." This was following the official announcement of a third round of "Yellowjackets" by the show's official account @Yellowjacket96, which tweeted, "The woods have a way of calling you back. #Yellowjackets is renewed for Season 3." No matter the reason for the early third installment greenlight, it is also comforting to know that (as of now) the core cast will be returning in the future.