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Shawn Levy Is Determined To Make A Good Star Wars Movie

Shawn Levy is one of Hollywood's rising blockbuster talents — but with the keys to one of its biggest franchises, he seems to be feeling the pressure.

Though his directorial career can be traced back to the late '90s and early 2000s, and includes relatively well-known projects like "Cheaper By The Dozen," "The Pink Panther," and the "Night at The Museum" films, he recently (and quickly) became a prominent player in mainstream Hollywood genre fare. Following a seven-year break from directing films after "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb" (during which time he continued producing and directing episodes of various television series), Levy joined forces with Ryan Reynolds to create 2021's "Free Guy," which wound up being a rare pandemic-era box office success. After collaborating again on the 2022 Netflix film, "The Adam Project," it was announced that he would helm the highly anticipated "Deadpool 3," now set to star Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine (via Twitter).

In addition to this ambitious Marvel project, however, the director is also confirmed to be working on another coveted Disney property — "Star Wars" (per Deadline). Though the new era of the franchise has been polarizing, to say the least, Levy recently stated that he's absolutely determined to deliver with his entry.

The juiciest of opportunities

Speaking to Collider, Shawn Levy conveyed a deep reverence and appreciation for the unimaginable chance he's been given. "I have this golden ticket into a galaxy far away," he shared with Collider, "And I'm going to devote myself to developing a screenplay that gives me the privilege of making this movie." He later went on to describe the project as the "juiciest of opportunities."

At the same time, the director was also keen to stamp out any notions that plans for the film would fizzle out on his end. "I don't attach to things because it looks good in a trade announcement," he stated bluntly. "I attach to things that I intend to make." Currently, however, his work on "Star Wars" is in a "longer-term planning" phase while he prepares for "Deadpool 3." "I'm going to work my ass off. But first, I got to work my ass off on making 'Deadpool,'" he clarified.

Of course, you'd imagine most, if not all, "Star Wars" writers throw everything they have at their trip around the twin suns, but the way Levy describes his mission makes it feel as though it were the job of a lifetime. He continued later "I want [the "Star Wars" project] to be one of the movies that gets to the starting line because these are rare opportunities, and I want to make the most of it."