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Oak Island Fans Want To Steal This Gold Rush Miner

If buried treasure and precious metal spark your attention, realty TV hits "The Curse of Oak Island" and "Gold Rush" should be part of your regular TV viewing diet, assuming they aren't already on the menu. For fans of mysterious tales of long-lost riches and wide-ranging speculations about what could be dug up next, History's "The Curse of Oak Island" literally leaves no stone unturned — and no legend too off the wall for serious discussion. Following Lagina brothers Rick and Marty and their multi-season quest to unearth the fabled riches rumored to lie somewhere below the surface of a tiny Canadian island, the show is a consistent rating winner and even turns up some intriguing found treasure now and then.

On the other hand, if you're the type of viewer who wants to see your reality TV stars actually find stuff that makes them rich, or at least well-compensated, Discovery's "Gold Rush" franchise can scratch that itch. With a succession of shows that chronicle the adventures of crews setting up and working gold mining operations in remote locations around the world, "Gold Rush" and its spin-off series offer a glimpse of the real-world challenges faced by their industrious miners. All of the above said, what "Gold Rush" cast member do fans of both productions want to see added to the treasure-seeking efforts on "The Curse of Oak Island"?

Viewers think Gold Rush's Tony Beets could help out Oak Island's team

The truth is, the great majority of results unearthed by the intrepid Fellowship of the Dig on "The Curse of Oak Island" have so far proven to be, shall we say, underwhelming. Understandably, some "Oak Island" fans want to cut to the chase, with a few viewers stating their apparent desire to have "Gold Rush" regular and Klondike mining legend Tony Beets crossover and lend a hand to the treasure-hounds on Oak Island. 

Leading the pro-Beets faction on the show's subreddit, u/kingcheeta7 said, "Just get Tony Beets onto Oak Island. He would [have] had that treasure out in a week!" Redditor u/Just Exam 590 agreed wholeheartedly that it was past time for an experienced gold miner like Beets to join the History series, writing, "That's the best idea in 10 seasons of this show." Yet another fan on Reddit applauded the "Gold Rush" star for his ability to locate the 24-karat substance basically anywhere, concluding that Tony Beets could "find gold on the Moon too. Tony [is a] beast." Meanwhile, commenting on IMDb, a viewer of both series declared, "Get Tony Beets from 'Gold Rush,' and he would real quick, like, dig the whole area out down to whatever ridiculous depth that 'The Mystery of Oak Island' thinks the treasure is at. SO SIMPLE!!!"